Tuesdays random How Do You Do It?

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Tuesdays random How Do You Do It?

When you eat chips and dip, what is your procedure? Do you spoon out some dip and put some chips onto a plate or do you just indulge straight from the chip bag and dip container?

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I don't. Sorry, I don't like chip dip. I do put chips in a smaller bowl if I'm going to eat them....otherwise I tend to overindulge.


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Chips need a bowl

Dip .. well the only kind I like are hot dips .. Queso, pizza dip, spinach artichoke etc etc.. and I go chip into the dip!

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LOL - this question made me laugh Biggrin

I will eat chips straight out of the bag, but I will put dip on a separate plate/bowl since it's easier to get at that way!

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It really depends if I'm just sneaking a few or having a full-sized snack. If it's something like potato chips and French Onion dip, I'll put chips in a bowl and dip right in the tub. Man that sounds good right now....

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Oh and for the record, before kids I left the dip and the dhips in their repective packaging and ate away. Now I find myself dishing out portions because I don't want Jax fingers in my dip. ROFL

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I usually eat chips and salsa rather than dip but I usually pour the salsa in a bowl and eat the chips out of the bag.

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I will put the chips in a bowl (so I don't eat the whole bag) and leave the dip in its tub if it's just me eating. If the kids are eating too I dish out separate containers, they are double dippers and it grosses me out. With queso or salsa I always dish it out so I can get to it better.

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I rarely ever eat chips and dip. And when I do it's usually at a party or something like that so they all go on a plate. But, in the rare instance I have chips and dip at home, it's straight from the bag and straight into the dip container.

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Chips from the bag and dip in a separate container.

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I don't know, but you are making me hungry.

(I guess the same as everyone else - if it is just me then I would eat from the container. If with Miles, I would dish out separately). Why do I think chips and dip are going to make it into my shopping cart later today?

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I can't remember the last time I ate chips and/or dip. Hmmmm. I do like eating pita 'chips' and hummus, so i guess that counts, right? Smile If so, I'm usually the only one who eats it so I eat straight from bag and container. Noelle likes some flavors of hummus, so i spoon that out for her on her plate.

it probably is smarter to portion it out so i don't overeat. but since i keep losing weight somehow, i guess i don't need to worry about it just yet. i think i need to BF forever. Wink

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I only occasionally eat chips and dip. I get a plate and put a little dip to go with the chips.

Don't ask me how I eat m&Ms and Mello Yello. :roll:

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Candace, if you are anything like me, I eat M&Ms by the 3lb bag. ROFL

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it depends...If I am sneaking some without the kids knowing then I keep it in the bag and the dip in the original container...hidden behind the toaster....LOL....but I dont double dip.

If I am serving everyone, they get chips and dips on their own plate so no one complains.

Dips that we usually eat are...
Plains Green Chili Dip---spicy and good and so addicting.

DH and the kids get French Onion.....

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chips from the bag and dip from the container. Who want's more dishes?