The update

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The update

Here's the update on me that is long over due. Sorry for that. I often have time to lurk but not to really but my thoughts on paper. The past month my anxiety has been through the roof! I am also a little backwards in that I often don't talk about things completely until I either know the answer or have things mostly resolved. I know, weird.

Anyway...back the spring I re-injured my knee. Not a big deal as this is an ongoing problem. I've had 3 surgeries and just deal. This summer I had a bakers cyst on it. New, but not uncommon or a big deal. This fall I started having problems with my sciatic nerve and lower back, again not new.

Fast forward to early October. First I got a yeast infection followed by a bladder infection. While on vacation I was a little uncomfortable but nothing major, however anxiety started creeping up! Also while there my back/knee flaired up. I didn't think much about it other than to make a new appt with the doctor. I figured the trip down and all the walking pi$$ed it off.

Get home...I start having pains in my pelvic area. Still bladder?? As it turns out I still had the infection but I wasn't convinced it was b/c of that. I ended up having an MRI of my back and yup, my L4/L5 is jacked again. Yes, I know this can cause referred pain but my anxiety really started creeping. The pains in my pelvis/abdomin continued to get worse, sometimes in relation to my anxiety. My back pain continued.

Why anxiety? When I got home from vacation one of my coworkers was off work. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer while I was gone. My best coworkers brother was starting chemo and her father was battling it as well. At that point in time I had 9 people in my close circle of friends/coworkers that were battling cancer. I think my nature worrier self and being a single mom went nuts. I know better in my head and heart but my body is stubborn and won't listen!!

I finally told my mom about this on Saturday. She thought it may be a cyst as she had them when she was younger and I seem to follow a lot in her footsteps.

Fast forward to today. I had two ultrasounds. My female parts are fine. She said I do have some small fibroids but that they are too small to cause pain. I did tell her about my back and she said she was sure that was it. She mentioned that she sees many patients for pelvic pain and it turns out to be lower lumbar junk. I was supposed to start oral steriods last week but wanted to wait to see her. I also start physical therapy tomorrow for my back.

Oh, and I got some ACP (anti crazy pills) too! She mentioned they will take a few weeks to fully kick in which I am aware off. I still have all the pains which will hopefully subside with the steriods and ACP. I see her for my regular physical and a follow up in Feb.

Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I know it isn't anything serious going on with me but the past month has been very difficult for me. Sorry for the book Smile

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Well chit girl.. I had no idea.

Sad I am glad you got answers and some meds to help you feel better. I am sorry to hear of your IRl friends who are sick with cancer Sad
I hope things get better and better everyday for you and everyone in your life.


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(((((((((HUGS STEPH))))))))))))))
i'm glad you followed your gut !!!!!! you know, the body is crazy how interconnected all our systems are!!!! and i'm glad your getting some help!!! i'm so sorry for all your coworkers/friends that are going through tx, and god awful dx's.......that is enough to bring any mom to have that eye opening "what if it were me" thought play through their brain over, and over again!!!!!!! ((((((((HUGS))))))))) i hope the pt helps your back pain and the new acp's just continue to help make you have more better days!!!!!!!! (((((((((HUGS)))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:bigarmhug: I'm so glad you are getting help! I hope you start feeling better real soon!

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Yikes, you've been MIA for a very good reason!! I hope you get better does sound like a stressful environment at work, on top of your already aggravating health problems. Minor or not, these things wear you down. I'm glad it isn't more serious in your case, though, and I'm sorry so many of your co-workers have such a heavy burden right now.

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((Hugs)) Stephanie. I"m glad you were able to get some answers about what is going on and it's not cancer. I hope the treatment for the back pain is helpful. The ACPs should help your anxiety as well. Hope to see you around here more.

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OMG I'm so sorry you've had to deal with all this. I'm so glad you took care of yourself and had everything checked out. Anxiety is a horrible thing, it can turn very physical and debilitating. I hope the meds help and you feel back to your old self soon :bighug:

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wow steph..didn't know that you were going thorugh all that....glad all the tests came back okay though!!!!! hope this can help you have a great holiday....enjoy!!!

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Wow I had no idea you were going through all that! What an ordeal :bigarmhug: I hope that the ACP's kick in quickly for you and you are able to start feeling better soon.

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Thanks for your support. Started both meds today. Def looking forward to feeling better physically and mentally!!

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(((hugs))) girl! Hope you are feeling better soon!

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Hope you start feeling better soon. KUP on if the meds are working. Glad you tests came back fine.

I completely understand your anxiety over the cancer, it is something I deal with pretty much on a daily basis. :bigarmhugs: that so many you know are going thru that horrible disease. I hate cancer!


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Aw I'm sorry you've been going thru so much. :(. I'm glad testing came back okay, I hope you start to feel better soon. Big hugs!

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Wow sorry You went through all that, Hope you feel 100 % better real soon