Video of Landon

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Video of Landon

I decided to record Landon tonight during books Smile (it is pretty long and random)

This is a half version of Bad Case of Stripes LOL

My cutie pie

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He's adorable, Paula!

The embedded video didn't work for me, but the link did.

"Lay down!" lol - love it when Cadence asks me to lay down with her!

Aww, and his fish lips kiss at the end were adorable!

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Awwwwwwwwww, Paula he is such a sweet boy!!!!!! What a little love!!

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oh he's so sweet. I could listen to him talk forever

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pj.......i'm with allie......i could listen to his little voice all day!!!! such a little cutie!!!!!!

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ROFL Jax says "watch dat siwwy boy, momma"

Love the poowple poka dots. Jax says purple, pillow and poop-poop all the same way. It gets kind of amusing trying to figure out if he's needing to go potty, or wants a pillow or is telling me the color of something. LOL

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OMG how cute is he?! Love him. He has a pretty good memory - or is he really reading? Wink hee hee

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He's a natural, on camera and "reading." I love how he says, "stwipes." :love10:

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Ali, def memory! He always has one book in the rotation FOREVER until he basically memorizes it and can move on! Huge handfull of books he knows back to back from being read it CONSTANTLY :rolleyes: (he's lucky he is cute!)