Video Tuesday

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Video Tuesday

I think we do videos on Tuesday, anyway. If not, how about we do them today? lol I'm not sure I'll be able to pop in later, but i uploaded this over the weekend and thought it was pretty funny... My friend just had her 3rd baby a few weeks ago, so we brought them dinner and hung out for a while. Her oldest is a few months older than Noelle, then she has an 18 month old and a newbie. 6 kids, aged 3 and under!

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will try to get Cheyenne on video today.

wow, six under 3. What did the house look like when they were done playing?

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here are some vids of vacation.........
this is all the kids playing hullabaloo before bed!!!!!!

sarah and max took the girls down to the dock and were just kicking back with the boat radio cranked.....LOL

sarah skiing

max boarding