Weekend plans?

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Weekend plans?

What is everyone up to?

Saturday is our Anniversary we have plans all day long.. my mom is taking the kids from nap time on until Sunday morning.

Sunday is mellow we will pick up the kids, hit the store for a few essentials , The 49ers are playing at 3:30 and that is a huge deal over here Smile WOOHOO! anyways we decided to make burgers and guac and chips for the game.

looks like rain all weekend .. so lighting a fire and staying in sounds perfect Smile

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Not much. DH is working 4-12 both Sat and Sun so we will likely work around the house. I really need to grout the tile in the new shower and we have to finish the drywall in the upstairs hall. After the kids go to bed I will have to finish up the bookcase I'm refinishing for Alicia's room. I have to do the shopping etc too. Its supposed to be REALLY cold this weekend, we we might hibernate a bit until it warms up next week. If we are all well on Sunday we will go to see my grandfather. He will be 98 in a couple of weeks.

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We're supposed to get snow/freezing rain tonight and into tomorrow, so I'm thinking tomorrow will be a jammie day! Sunday, we'll be watching football. So yeah, nothing exciting planned here...and I'm looking forward to it. LOL

Happy Anniversary Kelly!

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since the trip to the sale barn got delayed (I was also going to deliver a steer to a guy), he is instead, coming here to pick him up on Saturday, and then just trying to get the kids and myself well......

I cancelled my trip to my BIL engagement party due to us all being sickly. It was going to be a fun weekend and instead we are all sniffly, coughy, or achy....

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Miles has a birthday party tomorrow. It's supposed to snow tonight so I hope we will still make it (reports are anywhere from a dusting to 6 inches and it's always questionable whether or not roads will get plowed).

Sunday I was supposed to clean out my car and then take it to the carwash to be professionally vacuumed before installing Miles's new cars eat but I don't really want to do that if the roads are all slushy.

Other than that, keeping warm and being lazy.

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Nothing special planned here. We are supposed to get rain all weekend, so that will most likely put me in a funk. I really need the sun to shine to make me happy. Wink

Hope you have a great anniversary Kelly!

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happy anniverssary kelly

not really sure what we are doing yet....was thinking of going to see my mom but then my sis said my nephew had a wrestling match not far from my house so may end up going there instead....i'll probably see my mom next weekend anyway

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We are doing a whole lotta nothing around here this weekend. I am working the movie night at Bradley's school tonight and that is about it. Hopefully I find something to do...the weekends depress me unless I stay busy.

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Laundry and a family dinner today; ballet and groceries tomorrow. Nothing special.

Hope you are having fun today, Kelly!

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We are actually in Boca Raton right now for a late anniversary trip. We met friends from college out last night and DH had a bit too much to drink, so he's taking a little nap at the moment before we head to an art festival and then make the three hour drive home.

We are going to the IL's house tonight for dinner.

Tomorrow the kids have a birthday party at the park after church and then we'll watch some football.

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Happy Anniversary!!!

We NEVER go out to eat. And we especially NEVER take our kids out to eat. Which makes them think they are so deprived!! LOL I just can't stand spending the money on our family to eat out. Unless it's pizza take out. But today we are actually going to take the 3 girls and go out for lunch at a Mongolian Grill.

DH is taking Delaney to the library so I'll get a few minuutes peace and quiet. Then grocery shopping, up to the school to finish my lesson plans for the week. Maybe go to the Y tomorrow. Hopefully do some reading and watch some shows on the DVR.