What do you want to be when you grow up?

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

So, for those of you that are mostly full-time Mom's (but also those of you that work), What do you want to do when the hard core 24/7 part of Mommy-ing is finished (I know it's never finished, but humor me for the question).

By that I mean when all the kids are in school full time?

Do you want to go back to work? Do what? Same thing or different than before kids?


Still stay home and volunteer for everything possible at the kids school?

Stay home and eat bonbons and watch Daytime talkshows?

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When Everly is in school full time (for her Kindergarden) I will go back to work part time during school hours... doing what, I have no idea. I have a ton of experience in Accounting and Admin stuff.. but my schedule needs to be such that I am done by the time school is out.. so???

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DH and I have been talking about this a lot. Neither one of us is happy with our current job situations. The plan is that I will go back to school and get a nursing degree. The local community college here has an amazing nursing program. When I get a decent paying job (not too hard to do around here), DH will be able to pursue what he wants (most likely at this point it will be farming) without the pressure of needing to make enough money. Then I want to work towards getting a degree to become a midwife, so hopefully in 20 or so years, we'll both be where we want to be.

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When Jayden goes to Kindergarten I plan on going back to school for nursing. Great minds think alike, Karrie!
I've wanted to get into that field for a few years. It's just too hard for me to start schooling right now.

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I have thought about continuing my schooling and getting my MBA but I am not so sure that is what I want to do because I have no interest in that kind of stuff whatsoever. I would really like to become certified to be a personal trainer and work with pregnant women. I benefitted so much from exercising while I was pregnant and I would love to help others reap those benefits as well.

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I'm in the slow process of getting my certification for Child Birth Educator. I'll hold classes and what not. Since mostly that will be done on weekends and evenings, during the day I might set up a room in my house and take some wax clients again. I want to be around for drop off and pick up when the girls are young in school.

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Can I answer even though I work?

If I stop working after this baby, I think I eventually want to go back to school for nursing/midwifery. There is absolutely almost no support like that in NJ, esp my area. Or more schooling to become a nurse practitioner. Not sure.

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Can I play, too, even tho I work?

I currently work 32 hrs (4 days per week). Im the pharmacist manager at a local grocery chain pharmacy. I absolutely love the job and (most) people I work with regularly! I actually look forward to going to work, can you believe that?! It also helps that the pay in amazing, but in reality if you hate what you are doing no amount of money is enough!!

Once my child(REN!!!) are older, like thinking self sufficient high school aged, I would love to go back to full-time but in the corporate offices. There are many pharmacist holding high level positions in my company, both in the pharmacy side and in the grocery side. While the grocery side does not appeal to me what so ever, I can definitely see myself in the district manager or operations side of pharmacy. Not quite sure what Ill have to do to get there. Once my babies are older I will start working on that ladder. Possibly need some business classes or continue education outside of pharmacy basics.

Anyways, thats my 15 year plan. Even tho Im starting over with baby #2 on the way, things go SO fast with kids none of this is really a stretch for any of us! How exciting!!

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LOL Jan we posted at the same time. Look at the beginning of both of our posts!

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Once the kids are in school full time and DH is working consistently then I will likely pursue my PhD. Or my EdD. I will continue to work while doing so but I would like to never ever hear again that I'm not able to do something because I lack the letters after my name.


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i love dental hygiene.....but i would like to go back to school, so i could maybe teach the program at the local colleges...there are 3 colleges local to me that have hygiene or dental assisting programs.....so that is my goal.....work on my degree's...but can always work clinical(which i love) in the meantime. so i do plan to go back to work.....just when the timing is right for me and the fam.

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Ideally we'll have another baby in the next couple years so I'd stay home still. But after all kids are in school I would like to be available to volunteer at school. Maybe work part-time. I'm not really sure. I try not to think about it too much. Smile

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Dh thinks I will work. Not on my agenda. Smile

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I am really hoping I can continue to just stay home and be available for my kids at the drop of a hat. I already did the career. What I'm doing now is what I want to be when I grown up----literally. Wink

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DH and I were talking about back to work and how logistically it would work....having to pay and arrange for after school care etc, or waiting til they are both old enough to stay at home by themselves til I got home from work...I think I was in 5th grade and home by myself after school, but the bus dropped me right at my door and I'm sure nowadays that young age would be looked down upon. But that wasn't the question lol! I've always wanted to be a hairdresser, wanted to be that before even going to college, but went to a 4 year college anyway. I've gone so far as to call the local beauty schools and figured out tuition, just the opportunities out in podunk where we live aren't that great. So I'll take that into consideration, I just know I'll never go back to what I was doing before, in home therapy and child protective services.

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i'm where i think i will be when i grow up Wink .......our school district drops off and picks up at their daycare already so before care and after care are not an issue.....i'd LOVE to be able to be home for them everyday but unfortunately not gonna happen.....a possiblity though is to find something closer to home with flexible hours but unfortunately the only things that fit are in doctors offices where pay is probably about half of what i make now....but eventually that might be an option....the good thing is that we are set though for now and i can leaisurely look for something better.....i've been at my job though for 17 years...really hard to give up KWIM

although i do always joke here when things get bad and annoying that i'm going to work at Joann fabrics Wink

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I think I am kinda opposite from all of you.
I got married at 21, graduated from college with an associates degree, DH moved me to a small town where the only work I could find was waitress at his aunts restuaruant. Then I got pregnant and took on more administrative duties and then have only worked for six months since, when I was pregnant with Wyatt, at a day care.

This month, I will have been a stay at home mom for 14 years.

Our kids go to school only four days a week. I would like to find something that would hire me part time where I could take them to the bus, drive to work, then get off to pick them up off the bus. In our small town, there are not many opportunities for good jobs...most of those are already taken...the NPs office, the forestry, DMV.....more than likely I would have to drive up the hill and go looking unless I want to work at the local family dollar, restaurants, or convenient store.......The feed store is out and they require us to work on saturdays, period....

In my college degree, I was trained to be a medical transcriptionist, but I have since forgotten all the medical terms that go with it. I would like to go into medical coding or something to try at home. I dont even know where to start with all of that.

Then with DH gone all the time, I would need some flexibility there....

I dont know....

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I just thought it'd be interesting to see what everybody thought! Lots of us want going back to school it seems!

I will finish this Masters degree right about the times Miles starts school. I *think* I'd like to do more school and get an MFA in Creative Writing. I'd love to teach writing or english at a community college level (or online school so I could be home all day when necessary). I debate going for a PhD in English, but I KNOW I don't want to do all the publish or perish/tenure nonsense, so... I've thought about an EdD, too, but again, don't know if it's overkill for what I really want to do.

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I used to love playing this game! Biggrin

I have no idea now - and since we're planning on home schooling, I have many, MANY years before working FT will even be an option. You never know, but this is our current plan. I will continue teaching private lessons a few afternoons a week and home school the kids until at least high school. I really like what a friend of mine has done with her 7 kids - she home schools them all through 8th grade and then they go to a nice private high school here. They're a great family and I wouldn't mind emulating them (with 4 fewer children!! lol).

I'm not going to do the math to figure out how old I'm going to be once I'm 'free' to work more... but I have really enjoyed teaching at the collegiate level and would love to get back into that. I have considered getting a DMA and was just a few months away from taking an audition when we decided to shift gears... anyway, even though teaching makes me a little crazy sometimes with students who don't practice, I LOVE the flexibility and challenge of it. It's taken me many years to get to this point, but if I don't do anything else with my life but teach music/piano, I think I'm okay with that (but I'll probably have a different answer next week ;)).

ETA: It's so interesting to read how many are thinking of nursing or some related medical field. That's great!! One of my IRL was hung out to dry by her ex-husband and as a single mother with 3 young children, she went back to school and got her nursing degree and just recently started working in the maternity ward. it's been really fun to cheer her on and support her as she has realized a dream that has happened a LOT sooner than she anticipated!

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What an interesting question, I love to hear everyone's goals and thoughts.

I have no real idea what I'll do. I expect that I'll be back to work sooner rather than later...probably when our youngest starts FT school. I quit my IT/HR career before getting pregnant and started pre-med classes, and switched that to pre-nursing classes. I'm probably 50-60% of the way through the pre-reqs required to get into nursing school, but I don't strongly want to be a nurse. I think I'd like to be an NP, PA or Midwife, but I'm just not sure I have it in me to do the schooling...not sure that the passion is there. Realistically, I think I'll probably find something in the business/social media realm, whatever that morphs into by then.

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I'm on the staying home team Smile Although I LOVED teaching I don't feel like I have the passion to put into it that I used to. I love being home with my kids and being here for them whenever they need me. The legal transcription that I am doing now is great for flexibility and I should be able to move that into more of a full time job by the time the kids are in school full time so I'll probably keep with that until they are much older (like high school) and then, depending on what the teaching profession looks like at that point, I may go back. I see myself volunteering at the school and being really active with what my kids are doing for quite a while still...

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I think it's cool that so many ladies have already mentioned going into midwifery! I dream about it, but I don't know if I have it in me either. The program we have in Ontario is stellar, but it's also extremely hard to get into (10% acceptance rate ouch!) and that's 4 whole years of full time schooling. Oi.

I'm really happy with what I'm doing right now. Over the next few years I want to focus on growing my doula business, maybe open a clinic with Matt (maybe a franchise clinic branching off the one I work for now?), at some point probably have another kid...there's a lot on my "when I grow up list" already. LOL

But down the road, like 5-10 years down the road, if all the stars are aligned just right and I still feel strongly about it, I might then consider midwifery school.

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Can I answer late?

As most of you know, I have now been in school 3 semesters working on my prereqs to apply to nursing school. If all goes well, I can finish up my last 2 classes this summer and apply this year and then have a 2-year wait (crossing my fingers it is shorter) and I plan on taking more general education courses for my BSN degree as well during the wait. I always thought I would love to work in L&D, and I still think I would, but I have also been thinking about trying to get into ICU. I just have to wait to see what clinicals really call to me, but due to the job market here, I think I will start in any position that can get me into a hospital.