What kind of bag do you carry?

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What kind of bag do you carry?

Now that most of the blossoms are starting to use the potty (Miles excepted, darn kid) I'm wondering what kind of bag you're carrying.

I've been using the Vera Bradley backpack as a diaper bag, but I've started leaving diapers in the car rather than carrying them with me all the time. So that's pretty big for carrying my wallet and phone, lol.

Of course, occasionally I still need snacks and a drink for the kid, so I need a bit of room.

Anyway, since my bag is currently drying out from a cough-medicine spilling incident I was wondering if this was the time to get a new one. But if so, I don't know what.

So, what do you carry, and do you like it?

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I just use my purse! Unless I am going to the zoo, or someplace I would be for hours I just bring like a beach bag type tote..

My purse holds an extra pair of underwear, pants, and a pair of socks! The drink can stay in the car! lol!

Otherwise I have a backpack for the zoo, or totes for longer trips!

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Shhhh I'm still using my Petunia Pickles Bottom as a purse.

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"luangwa" wrote:

Shhhh I'm still using my Petunia Pickles Bottom as a purse.

lol so am I

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Yeah, but mine does not have one single diaper in it, or even any one item for either of the kids, Except maybe a bag on reese's pieces to use as a behavior bribe when we are in a store. ROFL

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I just use my purse - it's a pretty good sized one. It always has some snack in it along with a water bottle.

I do keep my diaper bag in the trunk of my car - it has wipes, diapers (which I don't need anymore)..and a change of underpants in it.

I am keeping my eye on a Michael Kors purse that I might go and get this week. I always carry a large purse, it's a must when you have children. Wink

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PPB here too, the cross town clutch and I get compliments on it all the time.

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I have a large coach bag that I use.

Ali - oooh what MK bag is it? I think I need a new purse too. Like really, NEED a new one. Smile

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I have an old diaper bag that I use for all day trips since I do still have one in diapers. Other than that, I keep a diaper (for Ethan) and some wipes in the car and I'll shove one in my purse if we're going in a store, and I have an extra pair of underwear and pants in the car in case Mikayla has an accident somewhere.

My purse is a Miche bag, it has different covers you can put on it so I can easily have a different purse every day. It's fun. Smile

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A fossil bag. It's a purse type but big enough for my stuff and the girls stuff. It's awesome.

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I still carry a diaper bag. A nice pretty pink one though. Not sure what brand, probably Sears or something. lol. I think I missed the girl gene when I was developing that gives a girl the shopping bug, the shoe bug, the purse bug etc. Lol

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me too Jordan...diaper bag...brown!!!!!

I'm not one for pursess although i did win a cute lil black and whilte check longerberger bad at a fundraiser so i'll use that for short lil trips....but what does it have in it....diapers and wipes of course and snacks and sippies ROFL

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Well, it seems like I always have about 17 bags full of crap. But keep at least one diaper bag well stocked with diapers/panties/wipes + change of clothes for all three. Then I end up with another bag for sippies/snack/blankies/baby dolls...umm, yeah...a little ridiculous now that I type it out...no wonder it takes me so long to get out of the house. :rolleyes:

I am currently using a black damask patterned bag that was a gift to me when Wade was born. THink the brand is Belvah.

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i just carry my purse.......there is a middle compartment that has been dedicated to diapers and wipes and a changing pad for years now...........i don't bring spare clothes for lucy or abby anymore......so it's just jack.....i keep a clean onsie in there and a pair of pants for the "just in case" blowout.....but we don't have them usually , anymore....
once jack is out of diapers i will have to invest in a new purse......i just realized i've been carrying the same thing for YEARS........LOL...........i'm so lame!!!!!!

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I love me my Ju ju be...

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Just an old backpack of DH's . .

I've been known for my sense of style, . .or lack thereof.

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I use my purse for most outings. It's not overly large but has three compartments and is just big enough to holds a sippy, snacks, my wallet, wet wipes, phone, some toy cars :D. If we are going to be gone for a longer day I will keep a change of underwear and pants for C in the car or if the car isn't going to be easily accessible I carry a separate small black diaper bag with a change of clothes and a plastic bag for wet clothes.

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I carry a diaper bag for kiddo stuff... its a columbia messenger style.
My purse is a small 3 compartment one.. I don't care for designer bags.. so mine is from Aldo.

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Delaney has a little ladybug lunch box that we use for a bag. It has a change of clothes. We've been using the old diaper bag when she goes for the day to the sitter, but now we've transitioned to a smaller princess bag she got at Easter. 2 pairs of undies, 1 change of clothes, 1 pull up is all she needs.

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I just use my normal purses. I like big bagsanyways, so they can easily accomidate any extra kid stuff like undies or sippys........ but also a magnum of wine Wink

I would check out TJMaxx or Marshalls for some good deals. I've found quite a few leater purses (MK, Coach, Fossil etc) there that have outside pockets that could totally be used as a kid bag.