Where would you live?

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Where would you live?

Ok, this was actually Ruth's question from the BBB, but I thought it was good and it was kind of buried in the rest of her post (hope you don't mind, Ruth):

OK, so if you could take anyone you wanted to (family/friends) and cost of living/jobs weren't a factor, where would you live?

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Good question... My first thought would have been Boston, I LOVE it there, but as a Florida girl I don't know that I'd survive the winters. Then I thought Denver, I know still cold, but somehow in my mind not as severe in weather, although I don't know. I love it there too and the proximity to skiing is tempting, but I'd also be a long way from the beach. I've never been, but I think San Francisco would be a good fit for me, probably should visit first though Wink

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South Luangwa Valley, Zambia

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Australia. From all reports it's very similar to Canada but warmer.

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I'd stay where I am. I love my town, I love the land, I love the people, I love the weather. I'm boring, sorry. Smile

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Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Heaven on earth, the home of my heart.

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Oooh interesting question. And I have no idea! I haven't been to many places enough to know and I can't help but think 'the grass isn't always greener' except when I look out at the icy, snow covered roads here I'm betting it's got to be greener somewhere. Smile

As I'm getting "older" I'm starting to enjoy the changing seasons we have in the Midwest. It breaks up the year and allows for different activities. So I guess for now I'd say I'd stay right where I'm at.

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"brandifawn" wrote:

Good question... My first thought would have been Boston, I LOVE it there,

I really need to get there. My good friends love, love, LOVES it there too. She talks about it all the time.

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New York

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Probably Nova Scotia. Love that place. I also like the far north, but I'm not sure I could live without daylight half the year, lol.


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I have it pretty good weather wise but I hat the state of CA in terms of poltics and such..

I like Oregon , it's pretty and green and it's a outdoorsy area.. but it comes with rain and not a small amount.

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We really love the San Diego area, or CA wine country. Of course, I'm ignoring politics and traffic for this exercise as well! Smile

Phoenix IS our #1 choice when taking cost of living into account though. Great weather and lots of midwesterners, which makes it comfortable and homey for us. I also love that you can drive to the ocean and mountains relatively easily and it is easy to get out of the heat when you need to due to the elevation changes around us.

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somewhere warm, sunny, lush, and green year round.....

I love the area where we live, but it is too cold in the winter......so I would summer here and then to that warm and sunny area in the winter....LOL

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I actually love right where i am....i love new england!!

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La Jolla, CA

I'd ignore the politics and enjoy the weather!

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I would love to live someplace that is sunny but doesn't get humid in the summer. I also don't like 100+ days, so the dessert is out! I HATE THE HUMIDITY! I really think every year.. "why do I live where I do?" and the only, ONLY reason is my family. (I guess it is nice to be near lots of job opportunities also Wink )

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I would stay right here. SoCal has definitely grown on me....I think it is the weather.