WOW this is hilarious, but not.

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WOW this is hilarious, but not.

Of course I feel sorry for the patient/victim, but I couldn't help but bust a gut laughing at the stupidity of the 'Dr.' and the choice of enhancement he/she used.

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That whole article is pretty funny. This sentence is gold, lol: police say is a man but appears to look like a woman and sports an apparently enhanced rear herself in arrest photos,

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well at least it wasn't slime....

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I saw that yesterday and thought, who in their right mind would look at THAT and say yeah, fix me up with a trunk just like yours lol!!! And I bet she/he has a whole buncha fix a flat in the posterior lol!!!!!!!!

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the world is full of weirdos!

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Thank goodness that "doc" didn't do boob jobs too....

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WOW is right. Welcome to Miami...