yet another opinion on Christmas gifts

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yet another opinion on Christmas gifts

I know we talked about this in the past, but would like opinions again (because I'm too lazy to look back for threads)

If you buy a gift that is on sale, do you make up the difference in your budget and buy more?

The canvas I ordered is valued at $120 if you include shipping. I paid $38. What would you do? It's for my in laws (if that makes a difference)

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I would not buy more. but that is just me.....LOL......I would be glad that I didnt spend as much as I had budgeted and look at it as a great deal.

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Heck no, if I got a great deal on something I don't buy more.
Pocket that extra money and buy someting for yourself. Wink

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The canvas will be BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I wouldn't buy any more and they will love it!!!

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Yep, ditto PP! If I WANT to buy more, I will, but sometimes that want just isn't there. lol

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unless i see something that *BAM* i have to get them.....nope i just put the savings back into the budget....i would think a beautiful canvas would be plenty for the perfect gift!!!!!!

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I don't do that.. if I get a deal then that is great.. I don't go adding to the list cause I happened to get it on sale..

it's not the amount of the gift .. it's the gift itself that matters.

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Nope, I wouldn't buy more. I have a value that I stick with not an actual $ amount, so if I'm looking for a gift around $100 and find it on sale for $38, it's my gain.

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ITA with everyone else: NOPE. LOL

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I agree too. I do it every year Smile

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Not usually. The only way I buy more is this: (example) I want to buy 2 things but buying them both puts me over my budget. I happen to score a great deal on one item which allows me to get the other item and stay in budget....then I do. But if it's just something I was going to get and I get a deal - I'm done with extra money in my pocket. Make sense? Biggrin