15 Month Appt.

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15 Month Appt.

Maia had her 15 month appointment yesterday. We met a set of 18 month old twins in the waiting room... OMG, they were the teeniest most petite little set of peanuts ever! They were adorable. Maia kept trying to play with them but I think they were scared of her. LOL Their mom thought she was 2!

Anyway, some stats:

Weight: 25.4
Height: 32 and ½ inches
Head: 49 ½ cm

Up a pound and ½ of an inch since the end of May.

Still there in the 95% for height, but she's slimmed down to the 90% for weight. The shots were a nightmare. The screaming was horrid. She also screamed anytime the doctor came near her and about had a fit over them measuring her head. The doctor said that at least her lungs were good and that she could tell Maia was a strong willed baby. LOL She had the MMR... I really hope she doesn't get any fever or anything from it!!

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Yay for a good appt! Hoping she tolerates the shots well.

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:eek: sorry about all the trauma but glad that it's over for you both now! lol! hope she handles them well, jade goes in two weeks from now. WTGrow Maia! sounds like a healthy girl! tall and lean!
it'll be neat to save these april 2010 stats and see how they all change from now till the teens, are the teeny ones still the teeny ones? did the larger ones level out with the norm? kids are sooo cool!!

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Poor thing! Shots do suck!!! Glad to hear though that my child is not the only one that freaks when the doctor get near her!!

Way to grow!!!!!