Alison update...

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Alison update...

Had her one year well-baby on Friday. 21 pounds (45th percentile) and 30 inches long (75th percentile). All in all, everything was good. Although, she did get four shots and ended up with a fever all weekend. Poor kid. And then to top it off, she was playing on the couch and hit the bridge of her nose on the arm rest of our couch (they are wooden) and now has two black eyes! ACK! DH is so upset, he doesn't want to take her anywhere for fear people will think we beat her!

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I'm glad Alison's doing so well, despite the black eyes!! Our couches have wooden pieces up the arm and they always worry me, so I know somewhat how you feel. I hope she gets to feeling better quickly!

Sounds like she's doing great with her stats--a long and lean lady! But that sucks about the fever. I am very scared for the 1 year appointment--those shots sound icky!

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Oh no! Two black eyes? Poor girl! I think I have about 5 heart attacks a day b/c of Jordan getting hurt or almost getting hurt.

Jordan is about the same weight but shorter (fatter) than Alison. Wink She is 43rd and 44th percentile!

Sorry to hear about the fever. Sad Hope she is all better now. We did two shots at her 1 year and thankfully she seemed to feel fine after them.

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sorry but ROFL these kids have no fear! i have heart attacks and hate to take jade out when she has visible bruises, dh is the one that doesn't care "it shows she's active" whatever! so sorry to hear that she got hurt though, that's not funny. fever with shots sucks, we are waiting (18 month) with jade for the next shots, i hate the idea of all of them being at once now.
glad to hear that she is growing so well! happy and healthy!!