Allergy Testing Results

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Allergy Testing Results

Hopefully this will be the last post from me on this topic for a while. We got Nathan's allergy results today. Here is what he is allergic to:

Cockroaches (I had to LOL at this one...I HATE cockroaches!)
Bermuda Grass
Bald Cypress Trees
Mugwort (off to google this one)

I am glad to finally have some answers and we can adjust accordingly. My husband thought I was crazy for a while when we were dealing with all the rashes. Not so much now!

Reading the paperwork now. It says if he is allergic to ragweed, he may also have reactions when eating watermelon, banana, melons, and all sorts of flowers including marigolds (which we just planted several by our front door)
If he is allergic to mugwort, he may have reactions when eating carrots, which are his favorite veggie.

*sigh* This stinks. I know it could be much worse. He hasn't had a rash in a couple weeks though, so that's a start! He gets a minor flare-up of eczema about once a week and it only takes one application of the cream on his face too get it to go away.

I also wanted to say thank you for putting up with me through all of this. I appreciate it. Smile

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I am so relieved that you have some answers now on what he is allergic to. What a random list! Can allergies change across the life-cycle? I mean, will he always be allergic to these things or can he build a tolerance?

Good luck making the changes and I'm so glad you'll have a rash-free little boy!! I know you are so relieved! :bigarmhug:

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I'm sure it's frustrating knowing he has these allergies but I bet it feels nice to have some answers. At least now you can control his environment and diet more accordingly. Will he possibly outgrow any of these allergies?

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YES YES YES!!!!!!! :woohoo: :bigarmhug: OMG so happy for to know these!! even my dh knows exactly who i mean when i sigh and 'poor nathan has a rash again' but it enforces how close we get to ppl!! good luck with the changes that need to be made, what on earth prompted them to test for roaches? and now you know that certain foods may aggravate it! happy dance for you both!!!

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glad to hear you've finally got some answers - allergies are a PITA for sure - but at least you have some concrete answers now and can make some changes that will hopefully keep his reactions at bay - as someone who's suffered from allergies her whole life, I can say that he might 'outgrow' some of them, but could also develop new ones - it's a messy business... but there are effective treatments available.... good luck!

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wow that's quite the list and it's pretty specific too! it sucks that he's allergic to so many things but they are avoidable for the most part and wont' hamper him too much. Mugwart....hmmm, KUP!

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So glad you got some answers to what he is allergic too! And as far as the ragweed is concerned, I am allergic to it and severely allergic to any melon...I actually have to carry an Epi pen!

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Like Karen said, he could grow out of some of the allergies. He can also develop new ones. Allergies are kinda tricky unfortunately. As of now, he has been rash-free for 3 weeks! Yahoo Once pollen "season" starts in the next month or two, that may change though. I am not sure why they test for cockroaches. It's not like we are gonna welcome cockroaches into our home or have one as a pet. We do have a fake one though. lol And it just so happens that the type of grass he is allergic to is the type of grass that is very common around us, including our very own yard.

"a's girl" wrote:

So glad you got some answers to what he is allergic too! And as far as the ragweed is concerned, I am allergic to it and severely allergic to any melon...I actually have to carry an Epi pen!

I will be looking into getting one. I think I may wait to ask his pedi at his 15 month well-check. He eats bananas almost daily and loves watermelon. He does have some nasty poops though. I am now wondering if the bananas could be causing them. He gets diarrhea on a weekly basis and I give him bananas. Now I wonder if I should cut them out and see what happens.

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you could try cutting out the bananas and see if it helps... For me, despite my severe allergies to all sorts of tree and grass pollens, I didn't test positive for any of the related foods, or ever had any reaction to any foods (except shrimp!) so I'm hoping Nathan's the same way!