Another food question???

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Another food question???

Now that my LO is 1, I'm giving her more table food and less baby food but it makes her stool REAL hard and she pushes a lot to get it out! So should I keep giving her the baby food until her body gets use to the table food? Ive tried giving her more juice and fruit but her stool is still hard from the table food. I love the convenience of baby food, but I know she is getting too old for it and she really doesnt like it! What are you feeding your LO's?

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Maia has this problem, too. I've been trying to get her to drink more water during the day and to up her fiber but the poo is still fairly hard. I'd love some advice, too!!

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Foods that are good for constipation are:

Try to limit dairy, apples (apple juice is ok though), bananas, cereal and bread.

Adding a little juice is ok but I would try to stick with water but that's my own personal preference.

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Prunes are great for the poo. Whenever she needs to go we feed her those and it's like a miracle. Maybe I should just start giving her a serving every day. She eats a lot of peas and pears too, but I haven't tried plums or apricot yet. Thanks for the tip!

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sam doesnt get juice but we do a lot of water in a sippy at meals. he has been off baby food for about 2-3 months, he would spit it out at me.

grapes are our miracle worker. I cut them in 4 or 6 little pieces and it usually helps. his go soft sometimes and hard sometimes.

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Katie won't eat baby food anymore either, she hates being fed with a spoon. The only exception is yogurt. She will drink water from a straw sippy cup like crazy, though. I let her have it several times a day and I think that really helps. We haven't had any trouble yet, although she still nurses several times a day so that probably has an effect on it as well, since BM can be a bit of a laxative.

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We still do a mix of both. I find table food easier for me b/c I can just give it to her and walk away and get something else done, kwim? I do find that when I'm not mixing in the purees her poo is MUCH harder, so I guess I need to do a better job of mixing in some good softening foods in to her table food routine. She eats a TON of bananas so that could be our problem right there.

Definitely need to keep pushing the sippy cup too. I'm SO inconsistent.

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ditto a lot of early posts, jade had/has the same problem. started getting the pear juice (heinz, from walmart) and mix that half and half with water, healthier poops in a matter of hours most times. prunes are wonderful, jade only gets about 1/3 of a baby food jar at a time though or it's a 24 hour mess and she wont eat them again for a while. breakfast of quick oats and fruit (pears, blueberries, peaches) with a little cinnamon seems to be making a huge difference, and laid off the rice and wheats and stick with oats and barley's whenever possible. there's even a brand of baby cookie ( that's great for the ingredients and they taste pretty good too! of course lots and lots of water, jade is always walking around with her water cup handy (just like mommy!) peas, squash is great, roufage vegetables are always good. if she's having trouble i start with the prunes and adjust the diet accordingly, prunes get it out to start fresh!

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Alison has actually been getting prune juice in her bottle since she was about 6 weeks old (her doctor had me giving her about an ounce a day). Now that she is older I give her about 2-3 ounces of prune juice a day and not only does she love it, but it totally helps her issues.

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We have the same problem. She use to love drinking water now I have to keep offering it as she spits it out of her mouth. Sad I give her fresh fruit daily. Her BM have been so hard that it caused bleeding and I had to actually go in there and break it apart. Poor baby! It;s better now, I will keeping up what I am doing and I will implement what you guys have suggested to.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas ladies. I've tried adding apple/prune juice to her diet and mixing puréed fruits in with her table food and that's helped her stool soften up a lot! She doesn't seem to struggle or push hard when going now. Smile