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Anyone else

Have a non-walker?? She gets around everywhere she needs to go and has been cruising FOREVER but she hasn't taken the leap yet to walk. Kind of crazy. Her big sister didn't walk until about 14 months but I expected G to take off sooner for some reason.

I'm not worried about it at all however I am a bit tired of people asking all.the.time "is she walking yet"?

Anyone else?

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I wish! Nathan walked for about a day and then started running. And now he never stops!!! I figured Nathan would walk sooner than Noah did, but they actually started right around the same age.

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jades a little mover but the i know the neighbours boy didn't start walking till 18 months, wasn't even cruising till 15 months. hows the talking? most kids that i've known that are slow to walk can talk up a storm!!

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Sometimes I wish she wasn't walking. Smile Su has been walking since she was 10 months. She will walk soon.

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Good question about how she does on other skills. I truly believe they focus on one thing at a time. Katie can barely talk at all (one consistent word, and she doesn't even use it once a day), but with physical stuff she's pretty solid (especially climbing, unfortunately!). I bet that when she does take off she will be so steady! (That's what I keep saying about Katie and talking, she's gonna start with sentences Smile )

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If by talking you mean babbling incessantly in her own personal language then oh yes we have that down pat over here. She has a few real words but nothing big. She seems to be following in her big sister's footsteps totally. C was walking by now but not much and not consistently. C didn't talk 'well' until she was close to 2. I worried a lot with her but with G I never even think about it. I think it also has to do with the fact that with C we had tons of time to work with her, just her. With G, C is always right there so she doesn't get NEAR the one on one that her older sister did.

I guess I do have the only non-walker though. Interesting.

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