Baby Fever

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Baby Fever

Anyone else? We are definitely not in a position right now to have another. Not sure we will ever have another. But I want one! Does that make sense?

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LOL totally! even dh is getting a little baby fever right now. jades getting so big and WAY not baby anymore and we both kinda miss the preg belly and the helpless baby stage! totally not missing the crying and sleepless nights though! live vicariously through others! hey dana how's life on the other side!!! pics!!!

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None here, not really. My cousin's having a baby in November so I'll cuddle her newborn for some baby time. LOL

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i think i miss the stages and the excitement of pregnancy and watching them grow..wondering what they look like, etc...but i dont physically want another child. i love putting my kids to bed at 7pm and not having to get up until 7-8am the next morning. i waited 3 years for that and im not giving it up! Lol and kylee is finally at an age where they can run off into their rooms and play together for hours and i know they are going to be okay. plus DH got the big V a week after I had we are done! forevaaa! Yahoo

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No baby fever here. I got an IUD a month ago, so unless it fails me I am done for now.

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Not yet. I think I will when Katie starts STTN though. Whenever that is! She's still definitely my "baby". Smile I am planning on weaning her by her second birthday - that's what I did with DS, and that's when I started thinking I wanted another.

DH says he's done, and we did sell all our baby stuff in a garage sale, so even if I did want another it would be a hard sell! (He mentioned getting a V this week, so I know where his mind is.)