Being a Toddler is Hard

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Being a Toddler is Hard

A friend shared this link with me. Great read. It made me laugh and made me a bit sad--poor little toddlers--a whole world of mystery and they just can't explore it all! Made me feel a little better about poor Mi-Mi's new (daily--hourly? Wink ) tantrums.

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I LOVE that picture of Maia!!

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Aww, thanks! She's a stinker!

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thats a really awesome article! thanks for sharing!

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OMG too true!! love it thanks for sharing!!

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so cute.. and so true.. loved the comparison between tearing us away from our coffee and plunking us down in front of some blocks! I do this with J ALL. THE. TIME.

poor little guy!!! Wink

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love it! we have to remember "do unto others..." applies to our lo's too!