Biggest loser challenge!

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Biggest loser challenge!

it's that time again ladies and i wanted to extend an invitation to one and all to join you fellow april sweat peas for the summer round of the biggest loser challenge!

to see what we did last challenge feel free to stalk our board

to join up for the july 4th start summer challenge just go here

add your name and April Sweat Peas to the posts and then let me know so i can make sure you're listed on the new board (once it gets done!) your fellow board members have been rocking it out so far, having fun and getting healthy along the way, we'd love to see you there!!

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Come join, ladies! I was super hesitant to join last time and am now so glad I did! Biggrin

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Mara I signed up. I forget easily these days might need a reminder, although I really need to lose at least 20lbs.

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good job girls! I have done the challenges in the past and found them to be super helpful. It helped me lose the weight after I had my son. (This time around DH and I did WW together... so no challenge for me this time.)

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Come join us! The more the merrier, right? Smile

Amanda, I am glad you decided to join us this last challenge!

Oris- Will be nice to have another new face!

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so proud and loving the enthusiasm! Oris welcome!! i'll keep everyone posted when the challenge thread goes up so you can reserve your spots!


new thread is up please remember to sign up on the main board thread and continue using the old thread until all members have reserved a spot! thank you!!!