Birthday pics and update

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Birthday pics and update

Thought I'd pop in and say hi. I can't believe it has been a year since our babies were born! I'm shocked at how fast it has gone by.

We are still planning on having a large family, we've been doing all the paperwork for adoption since Dec. We're doing foster adopt and will look for a 0-18 month old or a sibling group with a baby and another child under 3. For me, AF finally started in Jan, but my cycles have been 40+ days and my luteal phase has been short, 7 or 8 days, from breastfeeding. I had a m/c last month and I think we'll avoid TTC again until Charlotte is done nursing or my LP lengthens. My midwife thinks my body still just isn't ready and needs a little more time. Chances are that our adoption will go through right when I get pregnant :rolleyes: we're good with that though. DH started a new job in Sept and it came with a 4 bedroom house, we plan on filling it up Smile

Charlotte is wonderful. She is hilarious and has DH's personality to the T, she's like a little clone of him. She loves to dance and "sing" and be the center of attention, no stranger anxiety here! She talks a ton, some gibberish and some real words. She has about 20 words and fills in the rest with her own version. Recently she is copying most words we say so her vocabulary is rapidly increasing. She is walking, eating everything we eat with the exception of dairy, and would spend all day, every day outside if she could. And finally- the pictures from her birthday last Tue.

Happy Birthday to all the April Sweet Peas!

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It's so great to get an update from you Renee! Your daughter is too precious. I love the pics from her birthday.

How exciting about a possible adoption! We have talked some about adopting as well. Nothing is for sure but we will see where life and God leads us in that regard. Good luck to you!

I am so sorry about the miscarriage. They really are heartbreaking so I hope you are healing from that. It gets easier with time but you will always have a place in your heart for your angel.

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wow you've been busy! WTG dh on the job and the house! good luck with the adoption, i know from a friend what a trial it can be sometimes. sorry about the mc last month, that sucks.
looks like charlotte had a great time! soo cute! Happy belated birthday!!!

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She is so beautful! just like her Mommy Smile I love the name Charlotte, it was in my top 5.
I'm so sorry to hear about you mc. I think you're right, your body just isn't ready. They say it can take 2yrs to fully recover from having a baby. I learned from getting pg with Daisy a month after Jack turned 1.
It's hard, the pg and afterwards, but obviously I wouldn't change a thing. I love that you are going to adopt! I find that a lot of men are relunctant to adopt, especially when they can have biological children. Your dh must be a kind, patient and caring man.

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

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What a cutie! Happy born day Charlotte! Sorry about the m/c. but it seems like you have everything planned out. I will be thinking of you.

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omg what a little sweet pea. she is adorable. that is awesome about the adoption, I have brought that up before, but shot down by dh. sorry about the mc, I can only imagine how difficult that would be. goood luck with everything

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What a cutie! Sounds like she's doing great!
Great news about a new job and house and the adoption process going so well. So sorry to hear about the mc - I ditto everything Kayla said about it.

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She's so sweet! Happy birthday to Charlotte!! I'm very sorry to hear about your loss and I wish you luck in the future. And best of luck with your adoption; that's very awesome! Biggrin

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Charlotte is a beauty! Congrats to your DH on the job, and I hope that the adoption goes smoothly and your next pg is easy. I'm so sorry about your loss, I hope your heart heals with a place for your angel always.

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Oh my goodness those pictures are soo awesome!!!

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Good to see you pop in! Charlotte is beautiful - those are some great pics.