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Based on the last two posts looks like our little angels aren't so angelic today.

Katie has a serious biting problem. She really only bites her brother (because he tolerates it). Each time she bites I put her in time out, she cries, I make her "apologize" to her brother, but it's not doing any good. Last night she bit him so badly that he still has big red welts this morning - on his cheek. So pitiful for DS.

I am ordering this book that someone else recommended to me - but any moms of two or more have this problem and have a magic solution for me? I feel like smacking her isn't the answer, but at this point I'm getting desperate for DS's safety.

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cant help on the sibling front but jade was biting me for a bit, i bit her back. only had to do it twice and now she doesn't bite me anymore. good luck!

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kylee bit me and i immediately bit her back in the same exact spot she bit me. she never bit again.

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Annabelle isn't biting constanly, but saying OUCH loudly and removing her from the situation puts a stop to it, at least for a few weeks.

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It's tough. Jordan seems to like the attention she gets when she hurts me. She has bit me a time or two but kicking during diaper changes are our big problem. I actually checked out Teeth Are Not for Biting and Feet Are Not for Kicking from our local library. When I would read the phrase "Ouch! Kicking hurts!" she would say 'ouch' and sort of smack my leg. :rolleyes: Yeah, that wasn't the reaction I was hoping for.

I've been trying time out. It's not doing a whole lot. I've tried time out and then a little swat if time out was unsuccessful at stopping the behavior. I really don't like to give her swats and they haven't stopped the behavior either. The ONLY thing that has worked is just distracting her with something else.

I think this is just a tough age for discipline but I think consistency will pay off in the end.

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Alison has not bit yet but she smacks...well, to be more specific she only smacks DH. He put her in a time out last night when she smacked him and you should have heard the fit. The neighbors probably think we are beating her or something.