Brag a bit.

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Brag a bit.

What is something cool that your little one has done lately?

This week Katie figured out how to pull apart Drew's legos. I can tell she knows that they go back together, she tries to push them in to each other (but at totally wrong angles) - and I just got the biggest kick out of that. Usually when I'm watching her I don't think about all the little things she's learning, but that day it just stood out to me - she's learning so much every day!

Tell me something your little one did to surprise or impress you.

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I love this age because they start to catch on to all sorts of stuff.

He surprised me big time the other night. If you've seen the movie Marmaduke, there's a part in it where the dog is in bed with the parents and he says "Wait for it...Wait for it..." and then he farts. Well, Noah has been saying that over and over and over. So, I said "Wait for it..." the other night, and Nathan made the farting noise. Caught me way off guard!

Video to prove it. Cause of course now he won't do it. Little stinker!

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that video is adorable Ashley!!

Kylee started playing peek-a-boo. she will put her hands over her face and we will say "wheres kylee?" and then she will move her hands. and we will say "there she is!" it cracks me up! i have video of it..i need to find it and post it! she also does it with a blanket. she will put her head under the blanket until we say wheres kylee.

i love this age too because they will copy cat everything. We were making funny faces at Ky the other day and she kept doing it right back. so funny!

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Our little ones are growing so fast!! And they're all so smart. I love these stories! And I love the video, Ashley. He's too cute! Maia surprised me by stacking three of her blocks today. I clapped for her and now she'll only do it for applause. LOL

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Stacking blocks is a new one here as well! And he's loving his new stacking cups - figuring out which ones fit inside and hiding the small ones with the big ones. Using his 'more' sign! And he's figured out how to 'drive' his push toy so he can turn corners now and avoid running into things! He also helps 'clean up' when I sing our little clean up song. So many new things - I love watching him figure out new things - the look of concentration on his face with his tongue sticking out is adorable!
Oh... and a couple weeks ago we realised that he's bilingual! He can respond to simple instructions from both DH (in French) and me (in English) - things like 'where is the...' or 'give me the...' so clever! Wink

now if only he'd start to eat 'real' food I'd be over the moon!! Wink


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Annabelle loves playing in and out with all her toys, stacking her blocks and has pretty much mastered walking. Her new favorite thing she's working on is standing up in the middle of the room, so far all she has is a lot of downward dog, which is how both DH and I get up off the floor.

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love these stories!

I can't get over how Daisy's speech is developing! the other day she came up to me and said "poop poop" while she patted her bum, sure enough she needed a diaper change. She'll say it for pee or poop. I asked John if she said it for him today he said " yeah she said it but right before that she walked up, stood in front of me, grimaced as she pooped then patted her bum and said poop poop" lmao love it

some other fav's are barking like a dog and saying KoKo (our neighbours dog)
asking for a bubba bah (bubble bath) at least 4 times a day

it amazes me because it took my boys so much longer to start speaking like this.

she also loves a tickle right before she goes to sleep, I stroke my finger under her chin and along her jawline and she giggles and squishes her chin down to her chest. what a sweetie pie Biggrin

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Sigrids new thing is she will say tickle tickle and tickle my neck - it is so cute! They are growing way to fast!

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Alison has finally realized she can walk without holding onto something!! Yay!!!!

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Nathan started blowing kisses the other night. Smile

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omg. You guys!!! All our babies are growing up!

Spark has always been the one to get things quicker, and is always surprising us with what she knows. She's doing a lot more signs now, (although "shoe" "more" and "book" look surprisingly alike... lol) and then yesterday she said "dog" when the dog came up on the screen of their "My Baby Can Sign" video. haha :vibes: It was more like "daw!" lol

Silas just DOES stuff, without even thinking. The past week he just... started walking, without really practicing first lol He did that with sitting up and rolling over, too. He just... did it, no problem lol Little trooper! :vibes:

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I too LOVE this age. It is amazing to watch them catch on to things, look around, smile, and feel PRIDE in what they have learned. G has a noise machine in her room and we just pause it. She has figure out how to turn it on/off and is VERY proud of that accomplishment LOL She also puts her hand over her face when we say 'peek-a-boo'. She points to her belly when we say 'where is your belly'.

I will say again that I LOVE this age.