Bump on Spark's neck

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Bump on Spark's neck

Last night we found a bump on Spark's neck. Today it seems a TINY bit bigger, but I could be imagining it. It's on the side, at the base of her skull in that little soft spot on either side of the neck.

I don't know what it could be... I felt Silas' neck and he doesn't have anything like it. It's kind of like feeling a pea under her skin. As far as we can tell, it's not tender or anything. I hope it's nothing... don't think I could take anything happening to them right now!!

I'm wondering if any of your kids have anything like this?

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During an examination of a toddler, it is common to find pellet-like lumps under the jaw, on the neck and at the base of the skull posteriorly. These lumps are commonly referred to as “Shotty” lymph nodes which are a normal finding. (1) Lymph nodes are dispersed throughout the body and serve to filter out germs, foreign material and debris from the break down of old cells.(2) Normal lymph nodes are round or oval in shape and range from 1 to 25 mm (or 0.04 to 1 inch) in size. In children normal lymph nodes are usually less than 2 cm in diameter and should not be warm to touch, red or painful. If you feel a lymph node under your fingertip it should roll around and not cause any discomfort.(1) Lymph nodes are located just under the skin and the skin above the lymph node should not be discolored or oozing any discharge.

I just found this online after searching for a while... I hope that's all it is!

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I hope that is all it is, too. I'm sure you'll still keep an eye on it. Check her temps too.

I'm very wary of odd lumps on babies/toddlers because of Rachel's MRSA when she was tiny. It was bigger than a pea though and didn't seem to bother her at first. After a couple days she didn't like it being touched.

Initially the Dr said to try a warm compress & massage to see if it would help reduce the lump. If she shows any signs of being off or getting a high temp then definitely take her in or call the Dr.

There is also a trigger point in that same location related to muscles. Maybe she strained her neck/head muscles? I'm just guessing here.

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okay glad that you were able to find more info, i thought it sounded familiar to something jade had on her neck for a bit, warm baths and 'ignoring it' worked for us after i had it checked! when in doubt check it out! crossing fingers for you!

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My sister felt a lump in her daughter's neck and so she took her to the Pediatrician. They checked it out and said it was just a lymph node but did blood work just to put my sister's mind at ease. I know just having that reassurance was really nice for my sister, even if it was a little over kill. I think anything that worries you is at least worth a call to the Pedi and then go from there. Even if it's just to reassure you that everything is fine. KUP.

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My 23 month old has pretty much had the pea sized lumps on her neck (where you are describing your child's). I have taken her to several pediatricians who all tell me that they are her lymph nodes. They should move around under the skin as you feel them. It isn't uncommon to be able to feel them in small little necks like the ones toddlers have.

My daughter has had a runny nose and or cold virus quite a bit this past winter so I was able to feel them a lot over these past several months! Eventually, they will decrease in size.

Has your daughter been sick? Runny nose, cold...etc?

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Now that you mention it, she hasn't had a runny nose very much, but she has had a cruddy nose - lots of crusties in there! lol So she's probably fighting something, or was fighting something. I'm not so worried now!

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A bit late--I hadn't ever felt anything like that on Maia, but I know I would have been freaking out, too. I hope your little one is doing great now! :bigarmhug: