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Car Seat Question

I have a few questions, actually. I'll start with some background. Julia is 21 lbs, 31 inches. She is still in her rear facing Chico infant seat that has a max weight capacity of 30 lbs. Lately she gets very fussy if I put her into her car seat. I'm aware that they changed the recommendations for front facing to two years. Obviously I want to do what is right and safe for my child, but I am wondering what I should do.

Has anyone switched to front facing?
If so, which car seat did you choose, and would you recommend it?
Any other thoughts?

Thanks so much, ladies!

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We love our seat. We have the graco myride65. It rear-faces until I think 40 pounds and forward faces to 65. So you wouldn't need another seat.

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Annabelle has the evenflo truimph, and is still perfectly happy rearfacing. It rearfaces to 35 pounds, although due to space we'll have to move her to frontfacing once her sister is here, and frontfaces to 65 pounds.

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jade was EVIL cranky screaming from the second you take out the rear facing so we bought her a forward facing. well actually it's a 3-in-1 combo it's an alpha omega safety 1st. she loves it! smiles and runs to get in as soon as we take it out (it lives in the closet since we don't have a car!) jade is just barely 22 lbs, and over 30 inches (not sure how much over) we decided that happy non squirming flailing screaming child was safer for everyone in the vehicle, less distracting to the driver and she's close enough to all the requirements except for age.

good luck, we pushed the decision about two months longer than she would have liked because we weren't sure but in the end it was worth it.

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we have the evenflo triumph and kylee loves it. we used the same one for my son and its awesome. shes forward facing already, it just works better in our little car. i no longer have to sit up against the dashboard! Smile

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Maia is forward facing and has been for about 3 weeks now. We have the Evenflo Symphony and I love it. It's very easy to install and buckle her in and it seems like a comfy seat. I was torn on turning her due to the new restrictions but her legs were way up in the back of the seat and she was screaming so long and loud that I went on and turned her. I wonder if I didn't have a bigger car, like a van, if I could have kept her rear-facing for longer. As it is, my Dodge Caliber is way small. But so is my vehicle budget.

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We have the Evenflo Tribute 5....she has been forward facing for awhile. We have an SUV and having the larger car seat rear facing, one of us would have to sit with our face at the dashboard. So...having it forward face worked much better. She likes it as well because she can see out.

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We have a Britax Boulevard and I am happy with it. I feel like it really protects her on the sides. She is still rear facing and will stay that way for a while. She is not a big fan of getting her into her car seat (I've even turned to bribery in the way of goldfish and stickers) but I am pretty adamant about her being as safe as possible.

Do you have one of those big mirrors so that she can see you when she is rear facing? We have one that is as big as the headrest and so she can see me in the driver's seat. I do think that helps some. Just a thought of something you might be able to try. I know even mirrors can be controversial but this one tethers around the headrest and is plastic so I feel comfortable using it.

Good luck finding a car seat! I spent so many hours reading and stressing about which seat to get. Oh, and Recaro was recommended very highly to me by a friend but DO NOT get a Recaro. This friend recently found a crack in their seat and the company refused to replace it even though it was only about a year old. They basically told her that it was her fault which is, of course, ridiculous. She doesn't recommend them any more!

I believe this is the same one we have.

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We are still rearfacing (Britax Boulevard) and yes, whoever sits in the passenger front seat has their knees against the dashboard. (the civic isn't so roomy) I think it's important to stay rearfacing as long as you can. With my son we made it to about 15mo rearfacing, but he was crazy tall and his legs were sooo long that it was awkward. Katie is shorter (50-75% instead of my son's 97%) so the leg thing isn't really a problem yet.

I plan to leave her rear facing as long as possible, at least 18mo and preferably 2 years.

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G is in a Britax Marathon and has been for about 4 months. She is rear facing (we got "permission" to go forward this morning since she finally broke 20 pounds) and will stay that way until she is 2, maybe longer.

C is now 5 1/2 and she is STILL in her marathon. It expires in December and we will retire it at that point. I absolutely ADORE this seat which is why I bought another one.

We also have the mirror there so that we can see her and she can see us. Her legs are squished and she certainly doesn't LOVE her carseat but we are all about safety around here.

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Thanks so much, everyone, for your input! I ended up buying the Graco My Ride 65. She is riding like a queen. Actually she will be soon. I am not sure it's installed right, so I called our police dept. They are going to send someone over tomorrow to check it out. What service! It will be good to have that peace of mind. I hope everyone is staying cool. It is so hot here in Illinois!

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You will love it! Nathan has been in his for about 9 months and he doesn't complain much. Smile