the chaos continues!

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the chaos continues!

so it's been a while, thought i'd pop in and say hi!
the bedbug situation seems to have calmed down finally, that was 6 weeks i'll never get back! and now i have an ocd about the little things! lol!
jade is doing great, growing like a weed, learning new things everyday. she can climb on the couch, brush her teeth, put objects together and in each other, she finally has a lovey that seems to have stuck!!! i let her pick a purple monkey and a pink penguin online, and she was there when they came in so i let her pick one (lol she wanted the monkey) and an instant bond was formed and 'mandy monkey' joined our group! we all got sick with the nasty head virus that's been going around. jade can now blow her own nose!
and the best news of all and the reason that i've been so scattered...WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! our first house, has 3 rooms so jade gets her own room. we get keys tom and move in the day after jades birthday! happy birthday jade we bought you a house... don't ask for anything else for the next 35 years! lol!!!
lots and lots going on around here, bday plans are in full swing, cake is getting closer to ready (lots of little fondant top pieces as i recreate the pool we are going to! did the ppl yest!) think that's about it for now, just busy busy with everything and trying to keep up with my little bug, stave off cabin fever and generally surviving!

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Congrats on the house!! Lots of space for Jade to run around in! Biggrin Can't wait for pics of her room. How are you going to decorate it? Sounds like Ms. Jade is doing great!!

I'm glad the bedbug situation cleared up! I know that's a major relief!