Clingy phase?

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Clingy phase?

Is anyone else having their LO going through a clingy phase right now? All last week while I was off work Alison stuck to me like glue...I figured it was because mama was finally home and not at work and she just wanted to be with me. But DH called me a few minutes ago and said that even if he just steps away from her to go to the bathroom she screams!! Anyone else having this issue?? I know that she is teething (canines) but this is something different, like separation anxiety or something...

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We're not dealing with a clingy phase, we are however dealing with Annabelle telling pretty much everyone except for me to go. She'll even push DH away from her ... yeah that's landed her in time out a few times.

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i get told to go but then yelled at when i do! right now she's a total daddy suck, he's been home a lot with all the stat days at work and his own days off (scheduled) so it should be interesting when starting tom he's back to work normal hours. mommy is the biggest monster these days and she screams if daddy even mentions leaving the room and she has to play with mommy till he gets back!

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Oh my gosh, I was going to post this exact thing! 'Glad' it's not just me, though it's so hard to deal with. She freaks out if we leave the room or go outside. DH had to go to move the car for something and she had a total meltdown when she saw him get in the car. Separation anxiety was my only guess, we we were also off work last week for the holidays so maybe that just really screwed the schedule. She's also started crying when we put her in the crib. She hasn't done that for months! Thankfully it only lasts for a minute or two, but it makes me feel awful!!

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add me to the list of those with clingy toddlers! I mean, she was always the most excited to see me when I got home from work but what a Mama suck while I was on holidays, I had 13 days off and she loved me up for all of them, didn't want Daddy at all. I figured it would get better when I went back to work but nope, she was crying for me while I was gone and when I talked to her on the phone it just made it worse. Poor thing lol
I remember Jack going through this stage but he was a bit younger than this and it didn't last that long. I wonder if there's a difference because they're girls? I don't know but 13 will be here before we know it and they won't want to have anything to do with us lol so lets soak it up!

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Jordan's not going through that right now but she has in the past. I think it was only a month or two ago that I was telling my mom about it. I would say, "Jordan, I'm going into the bathroom to put these towels away." and she would come crying after me. She was following me but crying at the same time. I didn't get it! She's been better lately so I cannot say for sure what it was related to. I definitely think teething or sickness can make them more clingy but maybe it's a combo of that and separation anxiety?