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I think Maia likes to scare her Mommy daily. What do you make of this?

Starting yesterday I noticed that her left shoulder is twitching on occasion. Part of me wonders if she just figured out that she can move her shoulder in a rolling motion or if this is indeed involuntary. Are any of the other kiddos doing this? I know as a newborn her leg would twitch somewhat like this and the pedi told me not to worry, that it was just the nerves and things maturing and sure enough it stopped on its own.

I'm thinking I might call the pedi just to get their take on it, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't have a video of it to show her because it doesn't happen that often, you know? It just freaks me out!!!

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not sure if this helps, but jade used to do that and other weird twitchy things, used to take her to the chiropractor when things acted up, she pinched a nerve in her neck due to the way she fell out onto the blanket when she was born. it's fixed now and the chiro did A.R.T. as well so it was very mild just to help her body readjust after being all cramped in my tummy! when she has big growth spurts i take her in for 'a tune up' as i call them! most chiro's have a really small fee for infants and toddlers but make sure you research them first. BBB is a great place to start for stuff like this.

THAT being said... i wouldn't worry at ALL unless other signs start showing up, then check with the doc. as always when in doubt, check it out!!

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If you're worried, you can always call your doc. I'm one that wouldn't worry though - perhaps because it's baby #2 for me, so I know they can do all sorts of strange but normal stuff. Smile I'm worried because Katie has had a fever between 102-104 (without motrin, lower with the ibuprofen) for four days. I took her to urgent care saturday and they ran a bunch of tests, strep, urine, chest xray to rule out pneumonia, and found nothing. They said it must be a virus, but to take her to the doc if the fever continues. So we have an appointment this afternoon - hopefully they can offer us some suggestion of what to do!

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my son had a twitch when he was this age! it was so weird! with his he would do this weird head shake thing, and you could tell it was involuntary. we asked our doc about it at the time and he said it was just nothing. he grew out of it though Smile hopefully she grows out of hers too!

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Thanks, ladies! I am still a bit freaked out, but I'm feeling better in that she's her normal self today--in to everything! I called the pedi's office and spoke with the nurse. Our pedi is out today (she's hugely pregnant and due to give birth soon) but the nurse took Maia's chart and spoke with the other pedi on staff and he said to just watch her and if it becomes more frequent or prominent over the next few days to bring her in. The nurse said, too, that Maia's doctor will be back in for a half-day tomorrow and she'd bring it up with her then.

Mara: I never thought about a chiropractor for a baby. I will ask the pedi about that! And thanks for the reassurance.

Carrie: I hope Katie gets to feeling better soon!! That is a high temp. I would be freaked out, too. I'm thinking of her! I often wonder if I would calm down with baby 2 or if I would be doubly worried! LOL

Ashley: I'm so glad Ryan grew out of his twitch and it makes me feel better to know that they can grow out of them. When I saw her doing it I just freaked! Thank you!!

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I don't have anything to add as far as the twitch goes but I have taken Jordan to the chiro. Now, it's my cousin, so I trust her completely and that would be the biggest factor for me. She has special training to work with babies and children. The work they do on them is really more like massage. There was never any of the popping or cracking that you think of when you think of the chiro. But I believe it helped Jordan tremendously!