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Cranky Baby

Nathan was incredibly cranky the last few days. I had been giving him cow's milk (1% because that is what I have and wanted to see how he liked it before buying whole milk) in the morning and I finally put two and two together. I think it is upsetting his stomach. He has had some nasty poops, rashy butt almost to the point of bleeding, and sptting up (hasn't done this in forever). Why can't this kid make things easy for me? I am going to stop with the milk for a week and then try again to see if that is what caused it.

Also, I have been trying to limit the binky time. It is usually just for nap/bed time and in the car. Well, not lately. Since he was so cranky, I just let him have it just about all day yesterday. It doesn't help that he finds hidden ones in his room either. lol Anyways, now when he doesn't have his binky, he sucks his thumb. I don't know which one I would rather he has. The thumb isn't always enough for him and he wants the binky. AHH!

Sometimes I feel like I just can't win. I need a vacation!

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I had the same problem with Sigrid. We tried all the different cows milk (even organic) and it still upset her tummy and gave her that horrible red butt - we switched her to soy milk and she loves it and its doesn't bother her at all. I would talk to your doctor about alternatives to regular milk.

Can't help with the binky though Sigrid didn't want hers after like 4 months or something but she still has a thing for her baba Smile

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Poor baby and Mommy!! I hope he gets to feeling better and less cranky soon so that you can get a break! You have been through the wringer, lady. :bigarmhug: The lactaid has seemed to help Maia a lot in the poo department--she's still pooing more than she was before but I think the frequency is from the teething. At least her butt-butt isn't all red and sore now. It's annoying because they don't sell it in gallons (at least at the Kroger here in town) but so far, so good. Good luck, lady!!

As for Paci--well, Maia's still got hers. I have the same problem of her just finding one randomly and sucking on it. I'm trying to limit it to bed-time but we'll see how it goes.

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:openarms: You two sure have been through a lot recently! Hope he gets to feeling better soon so that you can just relax and enjoy your sweet little boy!

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well that's not fair. so sorry to hear that he's having probs again with the milk. jades been having to limit her milk lately too with the canines pushing their weight around! crossing fingers for you that it's just a teething/temporary thing and that milk isn't an 'issue' food for him. :bighug:

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I hear you on the vacation!! Silas is teething and always in pain, Spark is walking and always tripping and falling on something. If it's not that, they're getting on each OTHERS nerves. Sorry, ending my rant!

I know this sounds weird, but give Whole Milk a try. The extra fat makes it a lot easier to digest. But really, talk to your doctor, and don't try anything unless he/she says it's okay. The info we get from the dieticians and nurses here say DO NOT feed babies anything with less fat than whole milk, and no soy or alternatives either because they don't contain the vitamins needed... but see what the doctor has to say!

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He is still nursing so I am not worried about the fat and vitamins. Just wanted to let him get a taste of it in case I have to get a new job soon. He goes to the pedi in a couple weeks and I will definitely discuss it with him then.