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OMG, who stole my happy baby?? Maia has been insane crankypants since Sunday. At first I thought she was coming down with a bit of a cold (she was running a slight fever) but since then she's been fine (no fever or other signs of sickness). She is throwing massive tantrums and wakes up crying in the morning and from naps. It's scaring me! Sad I'm guessing it might have to do with those eye-teeth that she's cutting or maybe separation anxiety (or maybe none of the above. The first thing I've learned about parenting is I don't know the first thing about parenting).

She has an already scheduled doctor's appointment on Tuesday... I hope we can get some answers then. It's exhausting for all of us.

Anyone else got a cranky baby??

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Oh yes! Alison has some teeth coming in and she is a hot mess. She actually went to hit me last night and missed and ended up bonking her head on the rocking chair which of course made her even madder! Any time she has a tooth coming in she goes from my funny happy baby to Miss Cranky Pants. Although, after last night's head bonking incident we did carve pumpkins and that cheered her up to throw pumpkin goop around. Smile

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sorry for the cranky pants, jade has been pretty good, but then again all she has left are two year molars, nap is still 2-3 hours and she hasn't gotten the family cold. miss 'i'm right listen to me my opinion matters most' on the other hand? totally got one of those in the house! big hugs mommas!

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Oh my yes! She's working on her last of the first set of molars, plus all 4 canines, and adjusting to being a big sister. Most of the time she is still my complete sweety, but there are times when I'm counting the minutes until dh comes home.

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OMG YES!!!!! We had one very bad day this week and then some occasional crankiness. It sure does suck though!