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Crib Question

I bought a crib from a friend before I had Nathan. I paid $50 for it. She gave me the aquarium toy and the mattress as well. It had teeth marks all over it so I went online and looked up the specific model to see what color it was considered. Ended up it had been recalled. So I sent the screws and such in to them and they sent me a voucher for a new crib. The cirb we got was $350. I have taken really good care of it. There are no marks or scratches on it. I have the top rails covered so DS can't chew on it. How much do you think I should try and sell it for? We can really use the money right now. I have a toddler bed that Nathan can use. I refuse to pay the $80 for the conversion kit to switch the crib to a toddler bed. I was thinking about asking $250 for it. Does that seem like too much?

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depends on where you are selling i think. sounds about right to me, you know you will get offers for less so you just need to see what the best offer comes in at, if there are no bites in a week or so lower the price a little. i wish we could sell ours, it was on the recall list and the recall kit broke it! good luck!

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I would say $250 OBO...and post pictures of it if you plan on using Craig's List or that sort of thing. That way people can see how nice it is.