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When is the right time to take our LO's to the dentist for the first time?

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At Maia's last appointment the doc said right after she was 1. I feel badly for the dentist that has to try and pry open her mouth. ROFL

She's actually getting a bit better about me brushing her teeth, but only a bit. Wink

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Alison let's me brush her teeth every day...although, she does try to bite my finger! HA! I feel bad for the dentist because she doesn't like strangers, so he will need ear plugs because of the screaming...of course, her mouth will be wide open so.... HAHA!

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our pedi says 2 yrs, because they will have most( if not all) the teeth by then. i keep forgetting to schedule my son an appt and hes almost 3. ugh. thanks for the reminder though! Smile Kylee lets me brush her teeth, and she only has 8 teeth so I will wait until shes 2 to schedule an appt. ( if i dont forget for her too!) its hard keeping up with everyones dental checkups around here! Wink

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I checked on the American Academy for Pediatric Dentistry website and it said that their first appointment should be around their 1st birthday. I made Alison an appointment for April 13th.

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That early?? I had no idea. I really don't see how they could do anything, she hardly lets me get the toothbrush in there for more than one second. I have an appt. coming up so I'll ask my dentist to see what he thinks. Jordan only has 3 teeth!

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"Kayla1981" wrote:

That early?? I had no idea. I really don't see how they could do anything, she hardly lets me get the toothbrush in there for more than one second. I have an appt. coming up so I'll ask my dentist to see what he thinks. Jordan only has 3 teeth!

I was totally shocked too! She only has 4! But then I also went to the dentist's website and sure enough, they have a whole section just for the little ones and when I talked to them, she said that it is not that they will do anything to their teeth but more to get them prepared for when they are older. So, that they can meet them and get a feel for things so they won't be so scared when they are older.

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remember that dentists are in the proffession to make money. it's up to you if you want to take your lo to the dentist before 2. they aren't going to do anything for your 1yr old except get them used to seeing the dentist. if you have the extra cash and want to, go for it but otherwise its a big waste of money. they'd have you bringing them in as an infant if they thought they could convince ppl to.

I have a son who turns 3 in June, he hasn't been and I won't bring him until the fall at the earliest. He's a puker when he gets upset and he has a sensitive gag reflex. I have to wait until he fully understands so I can explain things to him.

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At my own last dentist appt I asked the same question. They said the best you can do is wipe out their mouths/gums after every meal/bottle, no soda/juice/candy/etc., and to definitely not waste the money for a 'pediatric dentist'.

At what age to actually bring them in? I can't remember. I'd say that as long as you are keeping them brushed well, that it would OK to wait until all the teeth have come through.

David & Rachel are fussy with their teeth brushing. They will chew on the brush all day long if I let them, but when I try to scrub them myself they get mad. So, I have 8 toothbrushes for them to chew on, lol.

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When I was little, we didn't have dental insurance. I remember that we hardly ever went to the dentist and when we did, I was scared as all get out. I still to this day, hate going to the dentist. If I can get Alison used to the dentist sooner rather than later, I am all for it! Plus, we have great dental insurance coverage.

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ugh dentists dont get me started...we brought dd in right around her 2nd bday. her molars grew in with holes in them so they filled she needs to get sedated and get caps put on and some more fillings. they said that something happened in the third trimester of pregnancy and her back teeth never grew in with the protective barrier on them. we are getting her sedated so they can just get it all taken care of so she does not completely hate the dentist. it is not easy she cries and tries to push them out of her mouth just for cleanings.

I am hoping sam does not have any of these issues with his teeth. I forsee very expensive dental bills in our future. I have terrible teeth and dh has great teeth. good thing is that dds adult teeth could come in and have no issues...except that she has a small mouth and they said when its time they will probalby have to pull her baby teeth to give room for her adult teeth to come in...aye yi yi

I think I will make sam an appointment for soon after his first bday

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Started taking C when she was around 2 1/2. We will do the same this go around as well. Going to take her to a family dentist so that we all see the same one. What worked with my oldest is that I would go first, she would watch, and then she had NO trouble sitting down and going too.

Need to make us an appointment here since we haven't been since we moved!

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Haven't even taken my almost 4 year old yet. Oops!

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My dentist sees children starting at 2, barring obvious problems. DH and I both have horrible teeth, so we know that it's something we need to stay on top of for her.

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here they are saying 3 unless there's a problem, in the meantime just brush regularly with a non fluoride paste, you can mix a little fluoride in around 1 yr but the water here has enough in it! that scared me!