DITLO Jade 2012

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DITLO Jade 2012

just waking up in the morning

snuggles with honeysuckle

waiting for mom


milk and cartoons, my favourite


look momma i made you a house

ROFL before going out

ready to go for a walk

Mmmm peanut butter and jelly

juice, getting tired

nap time

helping mom make supper

Daddy's home!

cookie before dinner (love those dora cookies while watching dora!)

stuffy war! 'throw the rattle baby. throw the patty'

winding down for bed

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Looks like you had a great day! I just need to upload mine.

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Cute pics! TFS!

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Looks like a great day! Totally forgot to take pictures this weekend...I will make sure to do ours on Saturday!!!

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haha just realized why the laundry seems never ending! she wore three outfits that day due to slops and spills!! looking forward to others DILTO threads!!

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She is soooooooo cute and has gotten so big!!! What a fun day. I love all her grins for the camera!!

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amanda it's soo cute, when she sees the camera we get the cheesy grin (milk and cartoons) but i can say 'tickle tickle' and she will sometimes give me a nice smile, not that i managed one other than the getting ready rolling on the floor!