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So, how are the Sweet Peas eating nowadays? Maia's doing that typical toddler thing where she hardly eats at some meals and scarfs everything down at others. But really the only thing she seems to love to eat now is cheese. She used to love all her veggies and now they sort of just sit in the cold while she eats everything around them. She'll still eat them, but not like she used to.

I think she likes to feed the floor more than she feeds herself. Wink

What about peanut butter? I don't know anyone with a peanut allergy but I've still been hesitant to give it to her. Am I just being silly??

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Jordan usually eats well as long as I give her things she likes. I hope I'm not turning her into a picky eater! She will almost always eat yogurt, cheese, strawberries and crackers. She tends to eat A LOT of fruit (bananas, cherries, grapes, blackberries, etc.) but the veggies are trickier. I still get her to eat pureed sweet potatoes and then I mix pureed squash into yogurt as well. I figure if I can get her to eat it that way then it's better than not at all. Steamed veggies get left behind or spit out much of the time.

I was very nervous about a peanut allergy. Our nephew has a mild peanut allergy but no one else in our family does so I was just being a little paranoid. I finally let her eat one piece of peanut butter dot cereal (basically Central Market's healthier version of captain crunch). I watched her closely and she was fine. So the next day I let her eat two or three. Now she will occasionally get about 10 of them with her breakfast and all seems to be fine. Peanut allergies are really scary though. I don't think you are being silly at all.

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Alison is a great eater some days and then other days she doesn't want anything but cheese and pickles! For the most part though, she loves her veggies and her meats...not big into fruit other than blueberries. She does seem rather excited to feed the dogs that are always sitting at her feet.

She has tried peanut butter, she was fine but not a fan of it.

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Annabelle has her days. I know teething her molars isn't helping, but I can usually find something she'll want, even if I have to put cheese in it or on it. We haven't tried peanut butter yet, but I'm not too worried.

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As long as it's made of cheese or blueberries, she eats like a champ. Otherwise it's hit or miss. If she is full, she throws her food off the high chair to the dog. We started taking all her food away when she does that and then just giving her a few pieces at a time if she asks for more. We haven't tried peanut butter yet, but she accidentally ate a peanut butter cracker with no ill effects.

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Jade is usually a pretty good eater. she likes cheese most days, same with pickles. grapes are the 'baby crack' around here as long as it's in season red seedless! OMG and raisins! i can now just hand her the mini box and she'll eat them all right out of the box without help! her fav for veggies is when i mix frozen veggies in either lipton noodles sidekicks or cream of mushroom rice. strawberries and bananas are always a hit too. long and short is that fruit rocks, veggies are okay if the mood strikes and meat requires dunk! it's so cute watching her with her delicate little fingers being so careful pinky up, thumb and finger pinch and lightly dunk her food in gravy or bbq sauce or dressing!

as for peanuts, i was afraid a little at first and was all geared up to do the 'sit outside the er' just in case (unsure of family history, conflicting stories) till it dawned on me that she had been stealing daddy's reese puffs for a few weeks and was fine, they are peanut butter! now it's her fav, pb&jelly, and our standby on bad teething days when she won't really eat anything, she'll eat a pb&j and i know she's had something substantial.

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hit or miss. some days she will eat more than me, other days she just nibbles a few bites. One hit here is plain cooked pasta. she doesn't like the sauce, just the soft noodles.

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G is becoming a real pistol at mealtimes. I'm thinking this is when I 'gave in' to Caroline and she became the picky eater that she is today. It doesn't help that we are about to get REALLY busy with school, MOPS, dance, etc...starting up. She will pretty much always feed herself things like chicken nuggets, cheese, eggs, bananas, and goldfish/cheerios. She used to do green beans, carrots, zucchini, and peas with no issues. Right now she is pretending that she doesn't like any veggies. I can mix pretty much anything with yogurt, or even alternate bites with yogurt, and she will chow down. I'm still trying to push all foods but man it is HARD. I know she is hungry, I know she needs to eat, but I don't want to keep giving in to just the stuff I know she will eat. I spoon feed her purees, yogurt, least one meal a day.

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D & R eat well/poorly depending on their teething issues. Molars coming thru has been HORRIBLE here, as in all day long tantrums even with meds. (I swear I'm going deaf from the crying).

So, if they are teething then they will barely eat anything. Otherwise, it is also hit & miss. Rachel is generally a great eater. David is good, but a little more picky.

PB&J is our 'go to' meal when I can't think of any super quick lunch idea. They've been eating PB quite some time now and love it. Like Mara, when I give them potentially allergic type foods I make sure everyone is appropriately dressed (mainly me) in case we need to visit the Dr/ER quickly.

Also, we've had to enforce issue of removing their food/tray once it starts going into the floor. It saves my sanity and they are definitely learning!