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The EDD list

APRIL 2010 EDD's

April 1
[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=3]kara1110 - Kara [/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=3] MamaStarbird - Starling [/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=3] My Sweet Six - Rachel [/SIZE][/COLOR]

April 2
klmj - Kristen
Elliottsmom - jenn

April 3
Corinney - Corinne
Pamsmom (?*)

April 4[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]
[/COLOR] niccirae - Nicole
mom2AandJ - Cherie

April 5

April 6

April 7
am_leigh79 - Amber


April 8
kere02 - Kristine
dianec - Diane

April 9
natesangel - Mara

April 10
angelique-elizabeth - Angelique

April 11

April 12

April 13
jenifferf00 - Jen
kylie87 - Kylie
paoelizfte - PAO
graciagarcia - Gracia
pollo-la - Laurie

April 14

April 15
iluvmygemini - Ashley

April 16
Kristielynn34 - Kristie

[/COLOR] April 17
LiveFreeOrDie - Robin
lotsoflove - Joanie
Renee_S - Renee

KCinAustin - Kristi

April 18
mystical76 - Misty (?*)
PsycheGal - Michelle
erc19999 - Elissa

westernseashell - Jennifer

April 19
barefoot~mama - Jodi [COLOR=DeepSkyBlue](?*)[/COLOR]

April 20
oris - Oris

[/COLOR] April 21
ash0110 - Ashley

April 22
rohan clan

April 23 - Jen (?*)
a's girl - Kristi


prynn - Amanda

April 24
hysimmonds - Hannah
kateybug323 - Katelyn

April 25
jcwato -Christy &

April 26
mamakkfan09 - Kristen
k_canuk - Karen

April 27
mgb78 - Megan

TwinsAndOne - Beth

April 28
cybergal - beth

April 29
rsu - Rachel

April 30

**** In Memory of all the angel babies from April '10*****
You will be missed

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Oh so cool! Thanks for starting this...I was just thinking we needed a list Smile :udawoman:

Can we contact admin and have them sticky it too?

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thanks for all the hard work this looks great!

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The list is a great idea thank you!!!

(pssst, my edd is april 2:))


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Looks good. Smile

Technically, I'm not really sure when I am due... Not sure if I posted that anywhere? But, you can just leave me on the 3rd until I get a more accurate date from my Dr. THANKS!!!

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Okay, I e-mailed admin to sticky it and I fixed Cherie's (sorry).
And Corinne, I knew you didn't have a date, so I just stuck you in.

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ooh! thanks for doing this! i love seeing them all in the same place Biggrin

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Thank you for organizing this!! Smile

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Thank you so much, Jodi.

As for gender, DH, DS, and DSD all want a girl, so I guess I will jump on board with them.

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So cool, thanks! If you do decide to do genders we're thinking it's a boy this time Smile

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Thanks for doing this! I like seeing it all in one place.

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Yeah I finally can do this! EDD April 16. I think boy, but doesn't matter we have two of both already. Oh gosh you already have me down. Thank you, I guess I have pregnant brain already.

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April 21st for me Smile

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April 16 for me.

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Can you add me to April 4th? Thanks!!

This one is a boy.

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We're due April 17 Smile

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Hi!! Im in for 4/13!!!!!!!!!!!

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Add me for 4/25 please! YAAAAHHHOOOOOEEEEEEE!!!

As for gender I'll try not to get my hopes up too much I'd like pink, but I have two wonderful boys so of course team blue would be great too.

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New to a YES with Early Response on August 1st. EDD is April 13th.

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thanks for doing this! - EDD based on LMP April 23rd

Real name Jen

Hoping for Pink!!!!

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hi! im new here and wanted to post my EDD Smile its April 6, 2010

Im high risk and they are watching me closely with HCG testing. the first ultrasound (Aug 12th) scared me because the tech told me it wasn't viable when she should of added that i could of been too early to tell too. all they saw was the Gest Sac, but i looked up others experiences and they all saw the same as me at 6 weeks along. my HCG is going up so that is good. lets hope and pray my next ultrasound shows a fetal pole and/or heartbeat.

H&H 8ish months to you all!

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My EDD was changed to April 4:wink:

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My EDD is April 17th, but I think I Od later than normal, which would explain why it took 3 weeks to show up on a test. I'm going to stick with April 24 in my head so I'm not upset when I'm past due.

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My EDD is 4/7 as of right now. U/S Wed. to confirm

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got a bfp (3 times) edd April 24th

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Remove me please

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Hi, can you add me?! My EDD is April 20th! Thanks Wink

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So I am only 30 years old but in my defense I dont post bullitens and all that so I am not sure how to get on this list hehe. I am due April 22nd and no gender preffered, well DH wants a boy and I kinda hoping for a girl. Thank you!!

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Hey all, Im new! Im due April 22nd!

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Hi. Smile Can you add me for April 29th? Thanks.

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New Here

Please Add to the list.

9 April 2010

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Please add me too! April 26th is my due date at the moment.

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my EDD is april 4th:D

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Mine is 2 April Smile

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I'm due April 7...ish. I'll know more Sept. 10th, after my appt.

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can mine be changed to april 15th? thanks! Biggrin

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Hello! I'm new... my due date is April 27th

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Please add me to the list... April 23rd!

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please add me too! Due April 17th Biggrin

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done to here Biggrin

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Hi please add me, my edd is april 16:)

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Can you add me 04/09/10. that might change after my ultrasound on Tuesday though.

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Can I be added too?

I'm due April 23rd!

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Done to here!

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Hi, my doctor changed my due date to April 17 - can you please change it?


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I'm ready to be added - my u/s yesterday confirmed that I am 6 weeks 5 days (just like i told my doc!) and my EDD is 4/29/10. Thanks for adding me!


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Can you please change me I am now due 4/20/10. Thank you! (Oris)

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got ya.

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SandraDiana= Due date April 21th...

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Please add me: Alecto = April 22

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Hey my due date is April 11th! So excited!