Father's Day Plans?

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Father's Day Plans?

What are you all planning for Father's Day? We are just having lunch with my dad, and then dinner with my FIL. I'm making (or rather the kids are...) trees with the kids' handprints as the leaves. I drew the trunk a few days back, and now that they're dry the kids need to put their little stamp on it. Smile We are also baking cookies, since Drew saw them on Sprout and he said he HAD to make cookies for his dad and grandpas. http://www.sproutonline.com/sprout/recipes/detail.aspx?id=e689fad0-642b-4167-8cf1-9eef00e3fc4b

What is everyone else up to?

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probably a whole lot of nothing much here! lots of play time with dh, it's his first day off for the week of vacation. jade and i bought him a new weed trimmer (he's been bugging for one!) and some special string for it. going to make a card with jade today now that she's having fun colouring. at some point this week when it stops raining i'll pull out the charcoal bbq and get some potatoes to go with his fav ribs. call my dad and tell him i love him.

okay those cookies are cute! may have to see how much energy i have today, jade loves to help in the kitchen!

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DH works and I haven't really thought about it yet. We will make him a card and probably something yummy for dinner.

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I bought DH some protective chainsaw chaps.... his other pair are getting worn out (and cut up!) and I'd like him to keep his legs for awhile longer. I'll probably try to do a card with the kiddos for him, if I can manage to do it secretly. Most likely a relaxing day at home with something cooked on the grill.

For my Dad, I've made a sign with my wood-burning tool with a little saying "Git frum heer". It's about a *very* local boogey man that the rednecks say all the time. Not sure if I'll get to see him tomorrow or not.

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we wont do anything. DH works, and both of our families live 700 miles away. DH thinks cards are a waste of money and space in the file cabinet, so no cards for him. and no i dont get cards for holidays.. :confused: he wants a telescope and has to wait until next month to get it because our wonderful son took all of the money this month for his birthday (it was totally worth it though)

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We are driving to my family beach vacay in Duck, northern OBX, NC tomorrow morning. I have actually done this same thing on Fathers day for...30 years!! We have always gone as a family and this will be my DH's 5th year there I think. We have been together for almost 11 years but he has had to work a lot of those years. It is fun to take my girls to the same house that I went to when I was their age. Love making memories there with them!!

We made him cards, bought him a card, and we got him a picture of the three of us from a few weeks back.

I am looking SOOOOOOOO forward to vacation!!

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Sounds like tomorrow will be a fun and relaxing day for our DH's and dads!

I took my DH and my uncle (who is like my father) to Golden Corral today to beat the crowds. It was nice. I'm not a huge fan of the place but they love it. Then Maia gave them her gifts. Tomorrow DH will get to sleep in, and I know he's looking forward to that!

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We did father's day breakfast in bed, went for a hike, and then to a town festival. Julia got to pet some bunnies and other furry critters. It was pretty fun. For the "real" father's day we went to his parents for a lovely barbecue. I hope everyone had a great day!