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A few questions

Hi ladies Smile All the babies are so adorable. I've been around here a little more often and love seeing the pictures. I had a couple questions
What are your babies weighing right now? Charlotte had her one year check up and is 17lbs 6oz, almost the same as last November. She has moved from the 75th percentile to the 3rd. Our ped was a little concerned, but I feel like it's not a huge deal. She is SO active, literally can not hold still unless she's asleep, and both DH and I are fairly small, although I was a fatty as a baby. And she was 27.5", which is also in the 3-5th percentile so she's fairly small all around. She got really sick in Jan, throwing up for a week, and lost 3 pounds. Ever since that she has never gained back the extreme chunkiness she had as an infant. Plus it was when she started really trying to walk and becoming very mobile.
They made another appt for the end of May wanting to check her weight and talked about looking into it more if she hasn't gained. I'm not sure how I feel about that. We moved to a new town and I don't love our new ped, I'm pretty sure our old one wouldn't even be concerned. I feel like this new office just runs everything their way and doesn't bother to explain anything. Charlotte looks perfectly healthy, chubby cheeks, has chunky legs, she's just small. Anyway, just wondering what size your babies are.

Also, who's still nursing and is anyone eliminating feedings? We're trying to cut out mid day so that she's only nursing morning and night, but some days are difficult. One day she doesn't even notice, other days the spends hours pulling at my shirt collar and crying me-me (nurse). I feel guilty! She eats everything as far as table food goes, and eats a ton, but sometimes even if she's just eaten and had a bottle of water she wants to nurse. We're not switching to cow milk yet, so some days I think I'd rather just let her keep doing the mid day nursing, but it would be nice to be done with it also. Any opinions?

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Well, Maia has always been big--always in the 95th or higher percentile. But DH and I are not small people. She is approx. 25 pounds and 32 inches tall at the moment. We'll know for sure at her 1 year appointment on the 25th of May. If I'm remembering your pregnancy pics correctly you were pretty tiny! I think she's probably just taking after her slim Momma. Biggrin But good luck and KUP!

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I think your instincts about Charlotte's weight are most likely correct. You know her best, you see her everyday and it sounds like developmentally she is right where she is supposed to be. I don't see the harm in letting them check her weight again but if you don't feel further testing is necessary then I would let your voice be heard. Maybe they would be open to waiting a little longer to look into it further? I've been around many babies and some are just petite! Jordan is right around the 44th percentile in weight and height (not quite 21 lbs). But I don't know if it's fair to compare weights since children will fall at each end of the spectrum of course.

As far as nursing, I'm not in a hurry to wean at this point. Jordan still nurses first thing in the morning, at nap time, sometime in the afternoon (although it's usually short b/c she wants to play) and bedtime. Then she nurses twice during the night. This really is one of those things that is a personal decision so I say follow your heart on this. I obviously do not think you *need* to wean right now, but again, it's a personal decision. I would have to guess there are plenty of ladies who can give you suggestions on how to go about doing it since many babies are weaned around this age.


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Alison just had her appointment on Friday. She weighs 21 pounds (45th percentile) and is 30inches long (75th percentile). So, long and lean. I didn't get to nurse so I am no help in that department but as far as milk goes (she drinks whole milk), she probably has 4 bottles a day and eats just about everything!

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to put your mind at ease a little bit on the weight, my friend's son is almost 3 and only weighs 25lbs.( my almost 3 yr old is almost 40lbs) Kylee weighs 22lbs. her son eats constantly. the kid eats as much as 2 grown men. not even kidding. Just like you two, my friend and her husband are small people. I think it is all about the build of the child. your baby girl is pretty short too, so i am sure the weight fits her body just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about the weight as long as she is eating (which sounds like she is eating pretty well!)

cant help you in the nursing dept. Kylee stopped taking bottles(formula baby) at 11 months. she gave them up on her own and switched over to regular milk and hasnt turned back since then. she eats anything and everything we do, except meats..shes kind of weird about them. i think its the texture of the meat. but bratwurst and hot dogs she loves even though i freak out when shes eating it and her pieces are teeny. ill get over that one day. Lol

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J had his 12 month check yesterday. He weighs 9.310 kg and is 78 cm long. (20.5 lbs. and almost 31") So he's pretty long and skinny. Depending on which percentile chart you look at that puts him between 78-85 % for length and 15-30% for weight. (And I think it's really silly that the charts can be so different!!) His Ped. is not really concerned about the difference between his length and weight, as he IS gaining, but she did comment on it, and said that I might want to add in more dairy products (so more 'fat' I guess?)

To me it seems like's she's just petite. Sounds like she's healthy and active and eating well. Although I can understand the Ped. wanting to keep an eye on her as the change from 75% to 3-5 IS pretty big.

As for nursing - we do a 'full' feed (both sides) morning and bedtime. During the day he will do about 3 'half' feeds (just one side) before his naps and an hour or so after lunch. Although the after lunch session doesn't happen every day any more. His Ped said we don't need to give him cow's milk since i'm still nursing, but to be sure he gets other sources of dairy/calcium like yogurt, cheese etc. And J will still only eat Purees, so you're lucky she eats so well. Maybe you could try adding in a small snack or two throughout the day? Just a thought...


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My Dr. kind of got onto me too, that Isabelle had slowed her growth a little, she went from 50%ile all all of the first year (after catching up from premie-hood) to 40ile at the one year mark. He said she was probably gettnig ready to hit a growth spurt though. So, we did not schedule a recheck of weight. At one year she weighed 19# and something. can't remember the length.

Isabelle nurses two long feeds a day, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. But, if she asks to nurse ("na-na") during the day, I don't refuse. It's not that often that she asks though. I plan to do baby-led weaning since she's not nursing that much anymore.

I am glad to hear your Ped. say that you didn't need to supplement cow's milk if you are still nursing. Isabelle doesn't like it much and I can't get her to drink it consistently during the day. I did get organic vanilla soy milk this week to see if she likes that any better. So far, no luck. My ped. said that BM doesn't have as much fat as whole cows milk, so I need to push the cows milk more, but I didn't really find any material that agreed with that so I am not pushing it any more than the encouragement I was doing since I offered it in the first place.

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Annabelle was 21lbs, 14oz at her last checkup, and 29" long. She's always been in the 50th-60th percentiles. We started offering her cows milk just before she turned one, and she loved it so much she pretty much just stopped nursing then and there. I would have loved to have kept nursing, but she wanted nothing to do with it anymore.
I think Charlotte is probably just fine, just small.

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haven't had the 12 month yet as we got distracted, however by her growth chart on the wall and the scale in the bathroom she is approx 30 in and 21 lbs another long and lean. i can see where the doc not knowing her might be concerned about such a difference, however, i would agree to follow your instincts, if she's eating and drinking well, diapers haven't changed, active and good colour, she's most likely fine and they just want to get their own basis for future comparison (all the offices have slightly different scales it seems! lol!) we had to go through that from 6 month to 12 month as jade slowed down to, i just took her in myself once a month (made it a fun mall trip) and told them to bleep off till she's two unless the rest of her health shows signs of an issue. you're doing great, she looks healthy and happy to me in the siggy!
as for bf'ng, we just stopped, i had to go back on meds so it wasn't really an open choice. we left bedtime as the last one to stop and just introduced snuggle time instead, added milk or juice or (her favourite) water in her cup, found some stuffies that she's happy with. as long as she got her momma cuddles she switched fine, easier than i thought. as for pulling the shirt, whenever she'd pull on my shirt and cry for boobies then i'd wrap her in a big bear hug and make it funny to distract her. took about a week and she hasn't bother with them since.

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I'm thinking your thoughts are SPOT ON and I wouldn't be worried if I were you. We haven't had G's 1-year appointment yet, it is this month, but she only gained about 6oz between her 6 and 9 month appointment. I'm guessing she is right around 17 pounds which means she still hasn't doubled her birthweight. She is also 'shorter' than her big sister was at this age. My husband is around 140 pounds soaking wet and I was a skinny child as well, although I'm not rail thin now, I'm 'fit' and no one on either side of our families are overweight. I'm not worried about it and I really hope that my pedi isn't either. She wasn't at the 9 month appt. G nurses first thing in the AM, after the morning nap (we are in the process of cutting the after the afternoon nap feeding), and then before bed. She has gone without EVERY feeding at least once, minus the first thing in the AM. She eats three good sized solid meals a day, and she is drinking between 2 and 4oz of cows milk a day. She has access to water all day long, but only gets milk at meals. She is SO active. I just can't worry about it until I feel in my gut there is something to worry about.

I'm planning to cut out the other naptime feeding around 18ish months, then hope to continue nursing once or twice a day until she is 2. She may have other plans though so we will just go with it.

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Thanks for the reassurance! I decided to let her nurse in the afternoon if she really seems to want to and most days she hasn't. Lol. But I'm happier with the decision to keep it up if she wants to. I'm not sure why I felt like i should stop. She nurses long nursings first and last thing in the day and does three meals plus lots of snacks, if she could hold still for two consecutive minutes she'd probably weigh 30lbs!
And Amber- my ped, this one and the previous, didn't push cow milk. They both thought at one year old if she was nursing a couple times a day that was sufficient. We do plain yogurt once a day which she loves, that's her only added dairy. When we do switch it will probably be to soy, although we have talked about getting a milk cow... We'll see, I plan on keeping up morning and nighttime nursing for another 6-12 months if she wants.