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We finally have some answers. Nathan is not allergic to any foods, but he is allergic to dogs. We don’t have any but almost everyone we know does. He goes back next week to finish up the testing. His arms just weren't big enough for all the allergens they want to test for. BTW, Thanks for putting up with me thru all of this!

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so glad you are finally getting some answers! and im glad its dogs and not food! they will be easier to stay away from! Smile

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Whew. What a relief to have some information and a place to start! Hope that now you can deal with the environment and get it all worked out!

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Oh, I'm so glad you finally know what's up!! And now you'll be able to find a solution. You must feel so relieved to have an answer. How is his rash? Is it gone?

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So great that you are getting some answers. Sorry the little man is allergic to dogs though. Do they think he might out grow that? Hope you continue to get more information as the testing continues.

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Great that you finally have some answers! Too bad so many people you know have dogs though.... Still... better dogs that food allergies for sure!

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Glad your finally getting some answers!

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Whew! I bet you're glad you have an answer - too bad he has to go back for more testing, but at least it's amounting to something! Silas is allergic to dogs a bit too! We were at a friend's house, and he was fine all weekend (he didn't touch the dog much) but then he was crawling around on the couch (lots of dog hair) and got a few spots around his mouth.

Allergies!!! Geez.

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YAYAY for some answers! sucks about dogs since they are a predominant pet but at least you know and can do something about it, ie meds don't have to be daily but can be a pre-emptive now, lots of hand washing with friends and family, and.. and.... it's an answer!!!!! poor guy. KUP on the rest of the tests, crossing fingers that it's nothing else. Yahoo so relieved for you all!