Genius moments - Share yours :)

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Genius moments - Share yours :)

I know most of up probably have moments where our kids do little things that convince us they are smarties. Though it would be fun to share!

Jordan loves to push the chairs around the kitchen. She knows that if she pushes one into a wall then she has to go to the side of the chair to keep it moving. Either that or she will try to pull it back but then she gets a little unsteady on her feet!

And then today I was taking clothes out of the washer and putting them into the dryer. A couple of socks fell on the floor and she was doing her best to try and throw the socks into the washer (even thought they belonged in the dryer). Biggrin I appreciated the attempt at helping.

If I put cheddar cheese and squash (which are the exact same color) on her tray then she will only pick up the cheese. I've also tried this with carrots. How can she tell the difference when they looks so similar?!

Anyone else have something fun to share?

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That's so cute about Miss Jordan helping with the laundry! hee! What a big girl! She is a smartie.

Maia cracked me up the other day because she was sitting on the floor nursing a bottle and it was pretty much empty. I went to get it from her before she sucked down too much air and the little stinkpot took it and put it behind her back, hiding it from me! I just cracked up and was amazed that she would think to hide it, you know? (Not good when she's a tween but funny now!)

Also, she pretty much figured out how to open the baby gate we had (all but pushing it open), so we had to get a more complicated one. I just can't believe the babies are old enough to do these sorts of things. It's amazing!

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Annabelle is a cute little helper to. When we're putting away toys at the end of the day, she helps put her smaller toys in their bin. She also tries to help with the laundry, pulling things out of the basket like daddy. She's also figured out to get on the couch to pull a bin over, flip it upside down, and use it as a step.

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my mom asked sam if he had a dirty diaper and he went over and grabbed the wipes and brought them to her

sam is a little stinker. he loves to eat paper. if you see him put something in his mouth, or just doing something he is not suppose to do and you say "sam what are you doing" he will turn around and start running away

Just watching him play with some of his toys and his sisters toys and him knowing where to put the balls or the cars for them to go down.

I just love this age, you can see the wheels turning in their brain.

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Alison loves to drip her bottle on things. Yesterday in the car she had her bottle and was about to drip it all over the buckle. I said Alison, no dripping. She looked at me, smiled and then handed it to me!!

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These stories are so cute!

Jordan has also learned to put her palms up when I ask here where someone went. This morning she said "dada" and put her palms up. Biggrin It was so cute!

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THese are very cute!

Isabelle will raise her hand when we say, "Isabelle, do you have a question?" It's so funny, especially with me being a teacher!

She dissects everything..... trying to figure out how it works. She looks at it so closely and intently, with her little hands turning it over and over.

My MIL says that when she hears the garage door open, she says, "Mama!", and then I find her crawling over toward the door. SOmetimes both she and the dog are sitting there waiting as I come through.

And Kayla, Isabelle, too, definately knows the difference b/n cheese and ANYTHING!!!! That girl loves some cheese Smile

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What is it with the cheese??

That is too funny about her raising her hand. I bet you get a laugh out of it every time.

Keep 'em coming mamas.

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omg these babies are hilarious!!

Kylee knows how to throw things away. we will give her some trash and tell her to go throw it in the trash can. I also thinks she uses this to get back at her brother..i have pulled quite a few toys of his out of the trash can. :rolleyes:

Kylee also tries hiding things behind her back, and I think it is too funny!

you can also ask her a question and she will shake her head yes or no, but when she says yes she opens her eyes really wide. it cracks me up!

if she doesnt want to do something, she will turn her head sideways and just stare at you with her "you talking to me?" face. i saw her do this yesterday at the table and i couldnt help but laugh.

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Oh man. I can't believe what your LO's are doing. Mine aren't even walking yet! I know twins are basically doomed to be late bloomers, but I'm so jealous!

Spark started pointing a couple days ago. That was our big thing! lol there are other things that make us go "He/She's so smart!" but I can't think of any for the life of me.

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Nathan will put a phone to his ear and start babbling.

You ask for a kiss and he gives you his forehead.

If I give him an assortment of food, he will pick his favorites out first.

He loves putting toys in boxes, dumping out, and repeating several times.

If I say night night, he will lay his head down. Or if I say bye bye he waves.

Not genius, just some of the new stuff he is doing lately. Still not walking though!

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Ash, I was just sort of using the term "genius" for fun. Biggrin That's so cute that he gives you his forehead if you ask for a kiss!

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Oh I know. Smile Sometimes I just worry that he's not doing everything all the other little ones are doing.

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Katie did something last night that I thought was cute. She has a stuffed bunny face on the corner of her lovey, and she pretended to feed it a bite of bread yesterday. She will try to share her food with DH and I, but that's the first time I've seen her try to feed a doll/toy etc. I thought it was pretty cute. Smile

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"ash0110" wrote:

Oh I know. Smile Sometimes I just worry that he's not doing everything all the other little ones are doing.

It's funny b/c the things Nathan are doing sound just like Jordan right now. I think he sounds like he is right where he should be. Biggrin

Aw, Carrie that is so cute! Jordan shares with us too but I haven't noticed her sharing with her doll or stuffed animals yet. But she hasn't done any pretending with them, just plays with them.

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wow so many cute things from all the babes!!

jade makes us say 'our little genius' almost everyday! it's normal things but wonderful to us!

latest things, yest she started to dunk her carrot in my dip and ate it (baby carrots!) she ate two like that, usually she just gnaws then spits it out!

her animal book, she can say 'whowho' when you point at the owl!

she LOVES to put away dirty laundry and garbage and groceries and almost always get it in the right spots!

mommy's favourite this month, mommy, "Jade... JADE, look at mommy..." jade, "what" out of the blue just looked up from her toy and "what"