Happy 4th!

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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July, ladies! Happy holiday to those in America and Happy Monday to those elsewhere! Also, Happy Birthday, Mara! Biggrin

How has Maia helped to ring in the holiday weekend? Let's count the ways...

* Got her leg stuck in the crib bar and has a HUGE bruise. (The breathable bumpers are now back in the crib.)

* Tripped over her toy on the hardwood floor and busted her lip. Blood everywhere.

* Dove headfirst off the couch and bumped her head.

... I'm pretty sure about 20 years have been taken off my life this weekend alone!!!

But, she's such a cute stinker--I guess it's worth the shorter life-span! Wink

Happy 4th!!!

PS: Note the bruise on her leg there.... yikes!

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happy 4th!! wow maia way to ring in the holiday!!!! love the pic!
and thanks for the bday shout!

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Happy 4th! We have a first scrapped knees over here from falling on cement, and a bruise on the head from doing it again Sad Maia is sooo cute in that pic! If it weren't for the eye colour, I would think it was Annabelle!