Happy Birthday Joshua!

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Happy Birthday Joshua!

Yesterday was Joshua's first birthday! It's so crazy to think that this year has gone by already. As fun and exciting as it is to watch him grown and develop, part of me is a little sad and missing my 'baby' - is that weird??

We had two parties for him this weekend. On Saturday we went to a park by the lake with my friends (so this was like his 'English' birthday! Wink ) Brought some snacks and cupcakes - the kids played at the playground and the adults stood around chatting and drinking beer and wine! (I LOVE the fact that we can do that here - definitely can't drink in a public park back home!!)

Some pics at the park - in his Mama Made birthday outfit!

A friend took photos of presents and cake so still waiting to get them!

And yesterday we had the grandparents and godparents over for his 'French' party! Wink

Mama made cupcakes

Mama made birthday banner

Opening presents (and a glimpse of another Mama made birthday outfit!)

And the 'cake photo' - HA HA - he totally ignored his cake both days, could barely get him to touch it, much less try and eat it - I gave him a tiny bit on a spoon which he promptly spit back out.. sigh... a little bit disappointed at the lack of a good'cake photo'

I stilll can't believe my boy is ONE!! We're off to the Ped. today for his 12 month check and some shots I think... boo for shots...

So... I think that just leaves Maia as the last of our 'April' birthdays??


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Oh my gosh Karen, you have been busy! Biggrin I love his outfits, they are sooo cute! And how did you make that adorable banner?

Happy Birthday Joshua!!! I hope you enjoyed your party weekend, even if you didn't eat any cake. Wink Maybe next year?

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Happy Birthday, Joshua!!

Oh my gosh, he's sooooooo adorable and handsome! I love, love, love the grinning pics! That's a little heart-breaker, right there! Biggrin

And I can't believe you made those outfits and the banner. That is awesome. I love them!

The picture with the little bit of cake is so cute, like he has just a tiny little 'soul patch'. hee! I was hoping he'd eat a bit of it for you, but I'm sure soon he'll be doing so. With Maia it really was like one day she wouldn't eat chunks at all, and the very next day it just 'took'.

So glad you guys had a great day and two fun parties! Love his hat, too!

And Maia is the last 'April' baby--May 5. I had to evict her. Wink

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so cute! and you are very crafty indeed! Happy Birthday Joshua!!! TFS!

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Happy Birthday Joshua - lucky little boy getting 2 parties!

Great job mom on the banner, outfits, cupcakes, everything!!

I'd much rather have not had David or Rachel eat any cake - they were so wired and it upset their bellies...so at least you avoided that.

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Happy birthday Joshua! Those outfits are super cute!

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Happy Be-lated Birthday, Joshua!!!

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Happy Birthday. Too funny that he didn't like his cake, and nice job on the sewing! I wish I had more time to sew, because I love it.