Happy Birthday, Maia!!

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Happy Birthday, Maia!!

The last April Sweet Pea is one! We had her party on Sunday the 1st and she had a blast.

We're off for family photos in a couple of hours and if we get the CD today I'll post some in the thread later! For now, though, here's the stinker--can't believe my baby is one!! Biggrin

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what a cutie! A very Happy Birthday to the last of our 'April' babies!

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So sweet! Happy Birthday!!!

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Looks like she enjoyed her cake Smile so cute. Happy birthday Maia!

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Thanks, ladies!! We're having a great day. And got our family photos done. If you have one near you, I highly recommend Portrait Innovations. You get your pics the same day and you get gobs and gobs of pictures. They were great with Maia!

I have to share... Hope you're not sick of pics! Wink We had a TON of excellent pics, but here is one of me and her and one of my faves of her. She grinned in practically every pics, though, which was awesome!

Maia--taking 1 by storm! Biggrin

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happy birthday!! those pics are great! im jealous that she smiled in hers, kylee is so anti-pictures. it took us about 3 hours to get a smile out of her for hers!

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she's gorgeous! Happy Birthday, Maia!!!

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Super gorgeous! Happy birthday Maia!

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Thanks, everyone!! I guess she's a stinker ... I mean a keeper. Wink

Ashley--at home it's hard for me to get a grin unless I get her laughing or catch her laughing at something. When she sees the camera she just stares. But the guy at the studio was just so good with her. He had this crazy hat with a cat on it and this large flower that he'd poke her with and make funny noises. He just knew how to draw out the grins in babies, I think!

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Happy Birthday Maia!!! TFS what a cutie, and great pics! i love the one of the two of you!

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Happy Birthday! I agree, I've had great experiences with Portrait Innovations in the past. Good prices, and good results. Glad your little angel had a good day. Smile

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I'm late but wanted to say Happy Birthday Maia!

Those pics are great! She looks like such a happy little girl.