Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day!

happy mother's day to all my fellow april sweet peas momma's!!!

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Happy Mother's Day to you too. Smile Hope everyone is having a great day. DH brought me flowers home from the store, and I got to go out for lunch with my mom and brother.

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Happy Mothers day! I got treated to a cold ... and an all day teething monster fest.

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Happy Mother's Day, ladies!! Hope everyone had a lovely day! Mara, thanks for posting. Carrie, sounds like a fun day! Dana, I'm sorry you had a cold and a teething Monster. Hope you both feel better in the a.m.!

We've had a laid back day. Went out yesterday with my mom and Maia to Cracker Barrel. Today I got to take a long hot bath, which I haven't been able to do since before I was pregnant. That was very nice!

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Happy belated Mother's Day to everyone! I don't know about you, but this Mother's Day was a lot more enjoyable than last one now that she is older and a bit more independent! Julia made me breakfast in bed for mother's day... eggs, toast, and coffee...with just a little help from daddy. She then helped me eat my toast in bed. Such precious moments Smile I hope everyone's day was special!