Hello! I am alive!

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Hello! I am alive!

Hello ladies! Sorry I have not been posting much. Things are just crazy in my life right now. DH will be moving into an apartment on the same property as our townhouse at the end of the month. We have pretty much settled things financially and he is prepared to move on and I guess so am I. Hard to realize the person that you have been with for 7 years and married to for 5 is someone you just do not really even know. But, it is was it is and I am determined to make things as easy on Alison as possible. All in all, things are going ok. Work is keeping me busy and when I am home Alison is keeping me busy. we finished up our first series of swimming lessons and will be starting another round in a couple of weeks! Alison loved it and I really did too! Fun to do stuff just us girls. Other than that....nothing really new to report. I just wanted to check in on you ladies and your littles and hope that everyone is doing great!!!!

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was wondering how things were going. sorry to hear about how things ended up, but good for you (both) for realizing it before it got to far to end amicably for alison.
so happy that you are enjoying your time with her! swimming is such a great activity because not only is it fun as all heck but it's a great bonding time building trust and confidence for both of you!! we just finished too, and may start again in the fall, otherwise, april it's on to super 3's. just remember not to be to freaked out when she does something scary! they will surprise you if you laugh it off (ie, slip and go under all the way the first couple times! lol!!) have a blast!!
glad you are keeping busy, but i also hope that you are taking some time to process it all. big hugs and look forward to future updates on everyone!

ps just wiped this out, thank goodness for the new auto save option! just refresh the screen and click restore!!

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Hi, Kristi! I'm so sorry to hear that things have been rough! I'm so glad that Alison is doing great. I hope it all works out smoothly and good luck! Swimming sounds awesome. Maia is still not a fan of water, so no swimming for us. (Even baths are a chore!) So great to hear from you, lady!!