Hooray for Friday!!

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Hooray for Friday!!

This board sure has been quiet lately. Anyone have any fun plans? Any updates?

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today is my and DH's 5 yr anniversary! Yahoo

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"iluvmygemini" wrote:

today is my and DH's 5 yr anniversary! Yahoo

Yay! Congrats!!! We just celebrated our 4th last week! Smile

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happy anniversary girls! Biggrin we just got back from a short 3-day vacation, fun but a whirlwind. gearing up for the schoolyear to begin... mine and Drew's. Hopefully Katie transitions back to the sitter's house well!

Here are a few pics from our short vacation.

at the safari park on the bus - hot and sweaty!

at the children's museum playing with the magnetic words. My mom says she looks like a little teacher here. Smile

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DH starts working nights tonight. Kinda bummed about that.

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happy anniversary to both our wonderful ladies!! and yes katie does look like a teacher! soo cute!!
as for us, just trying to stay ahead of the heat and personally fighting this nasty cold that wont go away. day by day filling the hours!

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Hi, ladies! Great to hear from everyone! I've got a bit of a headache but am just chilling on the couch right now. It's nice to relax since today was a trying day at work. No big weekend plans, just farmer's market and grocery. We might walk around the mall on Sunday and window shop. Unless I win Mega Millions tonight. Then we'll really have a good time. Wink

Happy Anniversary Ashley! I hope you and DH have a great time tonight. And happy belated anniversary Kristi! Did you guys go out on the town for yours??

Carrie, I love the pictures of Katie! She's adorable! She is a little school teacher--too cute!

Ashley, I'm sorry that DH had to start working nights! Is it permanent or just a temporary thing?

Mara, I'm sorry you're still not feeling well!! I hope that nasty cold packs its bags soon!!

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Hey girls, Glad to hear you are all still out there and doing well!

I check in daily, usually on my phone which makes it difficult to post/reply.

The twins are doing great...such cuddle monsters at the moment. They are cutting molars (UGH!) which makes them whiny but otherwise they are such happy kiddos. I am so exhausted and worn out lately, they sure keep me on my toes.

I keep thinking of thread topics to start but never get the chance to sit at the computer. Even now, I've got laundry and cleaning to do....it is seriously never-ending.

Enjoy the weekend!