How do you back up your child's nutrition?

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How do you back up your child's nutrition?

It seems to be almost inevitable. That infant that seemed to be keen on nonstop feedings ages into toddlerhood and beyond, suddenly recognizing that those taste buds = power. Mom and dad can be so desperate for their child to eat *something* that they may find that important vitamins and minerals fell by the wayside.

At some point or another, many parents share a concern that their little one may not be getting enough to eat... or maybe not enough of the right balance of foods! Do you have a toddler that pushes everything but cereal away? Perhaps you have a preschooler that insists they only want to eat a cheese sandwich... for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe your 7 year old absolutely REFUSES to eat fruits - ever!

Whatever your child's personal quirk, the bottom line is that food pyramid you wish to aim for has toppled to look more like a flat pancake. What ways do you employ to try to insure your child gets the nutrition he/she needs? Share your secrets or ask for advice if you have a tough "nut" to crack (literally!)

We'll be pulling some of our favorite tips into an upcoming article! Feel free to email me your ideas as well!

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lol emailed too, sorry for the double.
jade is a picky eater and rotates what she will and will not eat, usually picking the meal in front of her to decide she won't eat it anymore! so we add little things like dunk, be it home made pizza (marinara sauce) for veggie, sour cream for dairy or gravy just because she wont eat anything else! cheese on ANYTHING usually works (okay this is the child that dunks apple fritters in ketchup!) breakfast standby is that she chooses the flavour! 1/3 cup quick oats, 1/2 cup water, 1 min in the microwave, add container of 'toddler choice' motts unsweetened fruit! little cinnamon and some of mommy french vanilla creamer (1/2 tsp) for the 'oooh it's momma's' factor. if it's on daddy's plate it must taste better, ALWAYS give daddy extra serving, especially peas, doesn't matter if she sees me dish it all from the same container, daddy's plate tastes better. sun rype fruit bars are 'chocolate bars' if you sell it right! watered down fruit juice is still fruit juice as far as she's concerned (for when she won't drink enough water). over all we try to keep it varied night to night and if she's being finicky let her have some options (ie what dunk do you want) she seems more inclined to eat it if she's had a say too.

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We've been very lucky to not have a picky eater so far on our hands, her dayhome provider says she is the least picky eater that she has had in 18 years of running a dayhome. We do offer her options, do you want an orange or a kiwi type of option, but she will usually eat anything put in front of her.
We have been going through some wickedly hardcore teething for the last couple months where she hasn't wanted to eat certain textures, so we've been careful to offer a balance of foods in textures that don't hurt her mouth. For example, chewing meat wasn't going over well as her molars were coming through, so for protien we'ed offer scrambled eggs with cheese, among other options.