I am back....

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I am back....

Been in Reno for the air races. As I am sure most of you saw on the news there was a terrible tragedy. We were about 100 feet from the accident but we are all fine just a bit shook up. I will try to post pictures (from the trip not the accident) soon. And I will try to get to all the RQOTD as well!!

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Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're okay!!!!!! How scary!!!! :bigarmhug:

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wow, that is scary. Glad that you're all right. Such a sad accident. Sad

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That would be so scary! Glad you are all right.

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omg i hadn't heard about that but just looked it up, glad you are all okay. other than that did you have fun?! did you do anything else while you were there!

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We did have a fun time considering! We got to see family along the way and it was great to watch Alison play with her cousins. I have tried twice to upload pictures from photo bucket but it is not working so I will try again later.

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i read about it on yahoo and watched it on the news a few hours after it happened. that is so devastating! we attend air shows every time the base has one,(we just went to one on kylees birthday!) and it is so scary to see a video of a jet going down at one. Sad you just never know when that could happen! so glad you are all okay!