Interesting story about one of my great great aunts...

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Interesting story about one of my great great aunts...

So, I was talking to my mom the other day, and she mentioned some things about one of my great-great aunts (who is long passed) that I thought were really... almost astounding - at least the first one!

She was born on a farm sometime in the 1800's, which isn't entirely incredible in itself (but interesting!), but she was born very early and only weighed a pound or two! I was astonished that she survived, it being the 1800's, and my mom told me how - My aunt's grandmother, who had assisted with the birth, wrapped my aunt up snugly and put her in the OVEN. :eek: It was on very low, the lowest it could go, and she just kept her in there, taking her out to feed her tiny amounts of milk and change her. It was her own little incubator, I guess. And it worked!

My mom told me when my aunt was older, she would always take a tablespoon of kerosene every day (ew!) and she swore that's what helped her live into her 90's (!). I can't imagine it helped, and can't help but think she would have lived longer without it lol But what an interesting story. Thought I'd share!

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Cool story, thanks for sharing!

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Very interesting!! But kerosene? EW!!!!

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Wow, that is kinda crazy! Amazing that she survived and then lived so long! Thanks for sharing that little story.

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Wow, that's awesome and so interesting. I don't think our ancestors get the credit they deserve sometimes, after all, they created the foundation for everything around us! I think that's an amazing story and it's so great that she lived for so long with such a harrowing birth/first year.

But... kerosene???? Maybe if I could be guaranteed 10 or more years added to my life but even then... yeeech!!! LOL

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wow tfs!

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That is such a cool story! I recently did an assignment for one of my classes about the infant mortality rate in the 1800s... (it was unfortunately very high). That is just genius for her to be put into the oven... cool story.

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very cool family tale! i love hearing those stories and thinking about how life today would be different if it weren't for that kind of genius!