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jade update

belated 12 month check up! doc says she's doing great, motor skills are ahead and that for a girl no worries that the language seemed to reverse, we know she has the words and just doesn't want to use them, if she's still not talking much by two then we will re-evaluate the issue, or if she stops progressing (we get new words every so often then she goes back to body language!) doc says she's just a physical kid. she looks great on everything else, recommended a dentist appt around 18 month since she cut all the molars so fast and is starting the canines already, my mom and i both had extras so the earlier she can get them started on a healthy track the better (so far she loves to brush so that's a start!)
height - 31 inches
weight - 20 lbs
head - 46

got the approval of the doc for postponing shots till 18 months, it seems a lot of kids are having trouble with the new mix adding the chicken pox and since she's so lean, a few more months might be a good idea! duh! happy, healthy, extremely active, bookworm!!

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Yay for such a good appt!

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Long, lean lady!! I'm glad she did so well at her appointment!

Maia's not much of a talker yet, either. She says a few words but mostly points at things to get her meaning across. I'm sure before long we'll have little ones talking our ears off! Wink

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Sounds like a healthy girl! Good idea about postponing the shots. Alison had a heck of a time with the MMR, I wish I would have waited a bit before letting her have it.

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Sounds like a good appointment!

Nathan was 20 pounds at his 1 year and handled the shots fine. I remember when she was a little peanut and Nathan was like 5 pounds heavier at one point. How crazy is that!

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ashley - i get such a kick out of how different the first year growth has been for everyone, and now look at how they have evened out! april sweet peas are awesome kids!!

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sounds like a good appointment... I think it's pretty normal to stop and then restart things. J waved for a couple weeks about 2 months ago.. then stopped waving entiredly - now he's back to waving all the time! It seems like he likes to work on new things and then goes back to some of the 'old' stuff after a while...

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Glad to hear things are going well! Smile