Jade's 1st B'day! (pics)

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Jade's 1st B'day! (pics)

so i've been trying to catch up on everything! jades birthday was saturday, LOL we bought her a house! okay us a house but the joke was she didn't get much else because we bought her a house, she's not allowed to ask for anything for the next 35 years! sunday was moving day and it's been non-stop moving, unpacking and cleaning since.
her birthday was great, all the important ppl to her the last year (that are here) were there. we went swimming and had cake and played lots with her aunty and uncle and papa and cousins. i was very happy that the cake turned out even half as good as it did since i didn't have good pics to go by and the measurements were all off for the extras (hence the super large ppl!) yest my dad came by and gave her more presents from all of that side of the family (emergency made it so they couldn't make it sat.) she loves her outside toys from all of them and the stuffies that we gave her. she's doing great in her new bedroom and toddler bed, has only gotten out twice, once she fell (that's why the floor got the extra comforter!) and the second time she climbed out and rolled under it, it has since been filled underneath. since then she's sleeping great! 9-10 hours straight through!
without further ado...pics
the cake


cake and pressies

and we bought a fish (since my cat has adopted jade and i need a pet too!) told jade, 'fishy, blub, blub, blub' jade said, 'hi blub' so his name is Blub!

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Looks like she had a fun birthday! Too cute, the fish named Blub!!

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aww, the cake looks great!! And Jade is a natural in the pool! She's so adorable. Looks like a fun day!! And congrats on the house!! Biggrin

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Great work on the cake! That pool looks like so much fun, what a fun way to spend a birthday. Biggrin Congratulations on the house! It's so nice to have a home of your own.

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Great cake, looks like Jade had a blast. You have been very busy lately Mara. Congrats on everything!

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Looks like a fun day! the cake looks great! Sounds like you've been a busy woman with the move and party all at the same time!

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The cake is awesome! Must have taken forever. I love how she ate her cake like a little lady!!

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Very cute cake, fish, and baby!

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Happy Birthday Jade! She looks like she had a blast during her party! Great job on the cake too, and congrats on the house Smile