Katie's Birthday (pics)

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Katie's Birthday (pics)

Katie's real birthday is on Tuesday, but we had her party today. Just thought I'd pop by and share some pics from her special day. She had a great time, she was even interested in opening presents - which surprised me!

Modeling her birthday outfit

Her cupcake stand and cupcakes I made. I bought the wrappers and toppers from http://www.etsy.com/shop/CupcakeConcepts

Katie wasn't so sure about the candle

After eating - How old are you, Katie?

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Aww, she's so precious! Love the picture of her in her outfit, little super-model! Biggrin Looks like she had a great day! Happy early Birthday!!

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She is such a cutie! I love her expression in the one with the candle. And great Etsy finds! Your cupcakes looks so girly and cute!

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so cute! the cupcakes look great! Happy almost Birthday little girl!

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aww so cute! I have to say that I LOL at your siggy pic. The expression looks just as you said. She is adorable. Happy born day!!

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aww great pics! tfs! looks like she really had fun! cupcakes look great!

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I love the tutu! Looks like she had fun!!

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Love the birthday outfit! Looks like she had a great day!

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The cupcakes are so pretty and I love how she is holding up 1 Smile

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Happy Birthday little lady!!

Cute pics Smile