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Library fun!

OMG almost cried today at the library 'sing, sign laugh and learn'! with the horrible weather and the onslaught of mosquitos we haven't made it out in a while, jade is in that 'stranger' phase and has always been a watcher not a doer. well i've been taking her to the library for rhyme time and sing, sign laugh and learn and this week she decided she would participate! OMG it's been so great to watch her come out of her shell and do all the actions and signs and try to sing the songs with the older kids!! she helps the smaller kids with putting away their items and this morning before we left demanded a few rounds of 'rocket to the moon' 'elephants have wrinkles' and 'a bumpy road'!! she did all the jingle bells right (shake it high, shake it low, etc) and head and shoulders! she even got brave and went under the parachute for two songs!!! had to share a glowing mommy moment watching my little wall flower blossom and just do the whole thing in one shot after two weeks of.. well just watching!
hope everyone is having a great day!

what has your little one done lately that has just taken your breathe away? or made your heart swell?

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Awww, yay Jade!! Sounds like she and Mommy are having a blast at the library. It sounds like a lot of fun and I bet the bell ringing is just adorable! I'm glad your little wall-flower is coming into her own, too.

My heart has melted recently because Maia's taken to carrying around a picture of me and her during the day while I'm at work. She kept pointing at it and saying "Momma, Momma" so my Mom (who watches her during the day) gave it to her (after taking out the glass) and now she carries it around and points at me and 'talks' to me all day. It makes me happy teary to think of it.

And on another note, she cracks me up recently because she has this little lamb and pig and she will sit there and have them 'baaaaa' and 'oink' at each other like they're talking. ROFL

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Yay Jade! And Maia is being so sweet, loves her mama! Annabelle has been saying her name recently (she's had the Anna part down for a while, and just added the belle, well as close to it as she can get). She has also decided that she has to hold the spoon and feed herself completely ... fortunately we eat in the kitchen so it's an easy clean floor.

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That is SO cute! GO little Jade!! OR... not so little anymore :vibes:

Silas started signing more last week.... we watch their signing video every so often but he never really cares. But I sat down with him one day and he signed almost EVERYTHING. I was so proud of him! And Spark signs "bear" almost all the time now lol Complete with growls! lol

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OMG growls with the bear would be soooo cute!!!